October 30, 2011

Miss Geriatric gets a Facelift

Do you remember Miss Geriatric? She has lovely bones, all dovetailed and such. Her drawers move easily and smoothly but she was a bit dated.

How is this?

 She got two coats of turquoise paint, a light antiquing, two coats of wax, a buff out and she's ready for the pageant circuit. Go see her in my shop if you are interested.

Always being renewed,

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October 28, 2011

Before and Somewhat after

Here she is......Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme!! Oh sorry, wrong show. Miss America!! No still wrong....

Oh now I see, Miss Grand Geriatric!!! So old and beautiful and still worthy of praise but in need of a sliiight face lift.

age spots

This is just a tease of what she will wear for the Formal dress competition. I wonder what the judges will ask her?

              " If she had one wish what would it be?"


World Peace of course.

Always being renewed,

October 24, 2011

Clarifications and a table project

Clarification 1:
I love my Mrs. BonBon. Her real name is Lynn but my Tess called her Mrs. Bon Bon b/c she couldn't say her real name (Bonnett) and it just stuck. She is as delicious as ice cream coated in chocolate as well and I love her to death. I'm talkin BIG L.O.V.E.! She keeps me grounded and always has a word for me when I need it. She does it in such a way that you think, 'Now why did I not realize that?"

Well, when I posted about the little things, please read it and you'll understand, she emailed me this: "wow, I'm sure glad my Lord doesn't give me an ultimatum like that ( He would have sent me home a long time ago. - how gracious He is!)"
I did not even think that. I was trying to be a cheer leader and use a funny catch phrase and I did not think of how it might speak to others. So I do want to apologize to you all. God would never want us to go big or go home just because we didn't ask for the right thing or think too small for Him.  He is gracious and is willing to wait for us to trust Him enough to pray for our little things and as He answers prayers, encourages us to ask bigger and pray bigger. So now I say, step out in faith a little further and try praying a little bigger. See how He blesses!  Please also let me know how He has blessed you and how you have learned to pray bigger if you will  in the comments section. I would love to hear from all of you on this!

Clarification 2:
It is so amazing how patient God is. As I have been trying to sell my furniture, I was getting very down about things that I shouldn't. I messed up royal in my ETSY shop with shipping prices and felt like an idiot because I thought I should know how to price shipping. How the heck would I know this, I have never shipped before! But in my perfectionist mind, I should know everything all ready and did I not just post on praying bigger! My learning curve is a BIT steep apparently. So a few days ago as I was crying in my coffee during my devotions, God showed me this verse:

Why are you so downcast O my soul? Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God for I will yet praise him my Savior and my God
Psalm 42:5

 Ummmm, I feel stupid.
But thank God He did not let me rest in my stupidity but He renewed my resolve and gave me courage to press on. Mistakes will happen, I'll live through them, and He will be with me every step of the way!

And He delivered this table to me to work on for a friend from work.

 She's got great legs

What a beauty she will be with a little TLC, and maybe a little bleach (kinda like my hair!)

I think He figured a little elbow grease might make me shape up and stop wallowing. He's right. He always is.

Always being renewed,

October 17, 2011

Orange Juice! Really?

Donna from Funky Junk Interiors laid down a challenge to take something in your house, and push yourself to look and use it in a way that you never had before. Well, boy howdee, I've never run from a challenge and I am not aboot (she is from Canada ya' knoo!) to start but an orange juice can?!? I scare myself sometimes. I am sure Donna was referring to changing up decor items but what they hay, let's go with it, shall we?

Yes, I was making OJ for my favorite littlest human bean and I was about to recycle the lid when it hit me. Literally. It fell off the counter and as I was trying to catch it, I flipped it up and caught it with my face.
After I cleaned myself off, I was looking to throw the culprit into the recycling bin and I thought, great shape for a wine bottle tag. (kinda have wine on the brain lately and yes, my mind really does make these kind of weird associations on a split second basis). Wait, what better way to recycle than something that is dual purpose. Wine bottle tag that can then be later used as an ornament because with the amount of wine we have fermenting in the basement, we give A-Lot of wine as gifts during the holidays.

So here are some pics to help you take a mini-tour of how my brain works. Think rustic, hammered metal. I did.

Here is where you get your aggression out of your system

Keep hammerin'...........make it look handmade

use an awl to punch your holes

funny!  You're gonna want to make sure you do this on an OLD wood surface

my very organized box of beads.......notice at least the box IS labeled

wire ready to go

start sewin!

tryin' out my stylin' skills...
hmmm, that wine glass looked a bit fuller before I started this photo shoot

more stylin' pho-tos. not so much. Still need practice

another version

shoe polish works great to age things. Use husband's old sock to dab on, let dry a bit and dab with clean area. Instant aged, hammered metal. If you used husband's new sock... instant aged sock as well. Ask me how I know

added glue and glitter to the tree and 2 sweet beads to the twine for this beauty

I think these will also do well for the teacher gifts this year!
Happy Hammering and thanks Donna for the "push"

Always being renewed,

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