December 18, 2014

The GRAND, but humble, Opening of the Reposhture Studio Shop

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Well, we finally opened to huge fanfare…..well, maybe not fanfare but it was definitely a fun, great two days and we generated a lot of good buzz in the community so to me, that is HUGE!

The first big day was 12/13/14! What a fun date and one I won't forget. I wasn't sure what to expect or even if I should be expectant. Lots of emotions went on that day. I cried several times because I have the best family and friends and co-workers that I call friends who showed up and supported me and my vendors. I have some great vendors which I will get to in a minute. I know this post is probably going to be all over the place since I am still processing some of it but I am beyond my happy dance and looking forward to the next sale on January 3rd and 4th!

But I will show you some pics so you can act like you were there! You can click through here to see where we started…and you should because even I can't believe how different it looks and I did it! It was all about camouflage!!!

So get a cup of joe or a great glass of vino because I went a little crazy with the photos. I hope you enjoy…
Here are just a smattering of in progress photos…

And now for the BIG reveal!

I know I am blurry, trying to look natural and not so much like a dork isn't easy. Yeah, I didn't pull it off. ANNNNNND apparently I was floating around the shop because I have no legs in this shot!

Hi there! 

The lounge area for the guys so they can relax while the women do what we do

You'll see my little helper, Izzy, in several photos. She was amazing! She made tags, cleaned the floor umpteen times, helped load and unload the car a zillion times, and just generally kept me afloat with her funny, jazzy personality.  I could not have down it without her!

I loved using branches and natural elements to help me decorate the store. Getting these suckers was a whole nother hilarious story. Nothing  like trying to gather tree branches as big as me in a tornado like wind and then stuffing them in my car. Thankfully the local park has few visitors this time of year so my shenanigans were kept undercover. 

 Those branches helped me make a "tree" in the middle of the store to not only camouflage the pole…..
 but I wanted a cool way to hang jewelry and some retro ties.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you followed the saga of my hand painted  bathroom floor. I know we  don't usually take pictures of our toilets but I wanted to show the floor and my black bathroom. I love how it turned out.

 I wanted to get photos with friends and family that came but it got crazy busy and that went by the wayside fast. But I did manage to get a photo with Sara, one of my vendors and another amazing helper. She stayed all day Friday to help get the shop set up and her mom even came and helped out!
See, I really do have legs! They just tend to blend in with my store….

 Then I got another fun surprise from Alison from Nancherrow blog who came from up north about 40 minutes to check out the shop. It must have been providence that brought her because she found herself a ruler star that apparently she had been looking for!  What a sweetheart she is….LOVED seeing her! You should check her out because she posts a wealth of great advice and perspective, great food, humorous musings, and she has a really cool farmhouse to boot!  
 Here's some more….hope your not tired yet!

The check out area! I think that smile brought in most of the business…..

and that is a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who has offered comment and support along the way. It has truly been appreciated and heart-warming. 

Over the next few weeks, I want to highlight the vendors so stop back to check them out.
In the mean time….

Always being renewed,

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