July 18, 2013

Crafting with my boy-ee! Airsoft style!

I have had a really nice break from my usual routine over the past week or two. Usually I am doing all manner of crafting with my two wee chickadees. So when my sweet 14 year old son asked me to help him do some custom painting on his airsoft guns...I dropped everything and grabbed the spray paint!

We remade his tan desert style gun into a black and blue tiger stripe number by simply making a stencil like below:
 laying it across the gun and spray painting it.
 Now if he is ever in a blue jungle, He's golden!

Then he had BIG plans for me to tackle on his metal footlocker! This is actually a metal insulated cooler found on the trash. I should have grabbed the other 3! When I went back they were all gone. This one was in the best shape though and the church that was throwing it out was a Meals On Wheels kitchen so I think they might have finally gotten so upgraded food coolers! Good for them!

He wanted the symbols for Biohazard, Chemical, Radiation, and a Spartan Helmet stenciled on this thing! This is what happens when your kids see you create crazy stuff. They think you can do anything!
He didn't realize that they don't make stencils for these symbols. I had to draw them and cut them out of contact paper. 

These have been some of my favorite projects mostly because I have enjoyed seeing his mind get creative and marry it to things he loves and I get to spend time with him and teach him some painting/crafting skills along the way.

I feel very blessed that my teenager still likes to hang with his mommy.

Always being renewed,

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