July 21, 2014

A Tour through Blogland…..

Recently, I was asked by Karen of Redoux Interiors to join her on a tour of Blogland. It is a very cool way for us to introduce our readers to new bloggers that they may not have read and therefore may not know of their awesomeness! And we also get to answer a few questions about ourselves that may dig a little deeper into what motivates us as bloggers and get to know us a little better.

Well, I want to thank Karen first of all for asking me to join the tour. There are some pretty big names on this tour and I am like the speck of dirt on the tour so I am beyond happy to be even thought of!

 So a little about Karen…she is full of awesome funness (I just made up that word to describe her!) and is beyond creative. Her motto is "Don't throw it out, Redoux it!" and it really is the best way to describe what she does. She finds that most amazing trash, yes trash as in dumpster trash, and turns it into treasures using her ingenuity and paint. Here are a few of my favorites:
these boxes were not pretty, and I am being kind but Karen saw beyond the shabby and saw the chic

She also created this cool rolling cart from a trash pick and added the drawer, then spruced her all up with her painting skillz. You really need to stop by and visit her because not only will you get a chuckle every darn time you read one of her posts, but you will start to look at trash in a whole new light…..Thanks Karen darling!

Now you are supposed to learn a little more about me….hmmmm, caution, it is about to get a little hairy….
1. What am I working on?
I usually have about 5-10 projects going at once…much to my husband's chagrin. He doesn't call me Sanford for nothing. Because I paint furniture and make things from various things I find, at least 2-3 projects involve said furniture and found objects.
found this table base on the trash and turned it back into a table….

My husband found this communion table on the trash and I hacked it apart to create 4 shelves… two with the letter U because the legs looked like "U's"  and our last name begins with U... 

and two shelves made from the ends of the communion table…other times I find perfectly good furniture on the trash and use it in my home for little ole' me!

but most of the time I am painting furniture to sell. This is still one of my favorites.

I sell my furniture at the Antiques Mall on Ohio River Blvd but am looking for a new venue so I will let you know when I have my moving sale!

I also have projects that I do for others, such as this chair that I rebuilt and reupholstered:
and I made a men's valet from a prayer kneeler for a reader of mine:

I am currently working on a footstool and table re-make for a friend's MIL. 

Other things that i have going on are house projects, like my back door and well, my whole 100+ year old house project….and I craft/sew every once in a while as well.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I DIY most everything which is not unique to my genre but the way I use things in my DIY projects is what makes me unique.  I would also say that I am unique in that I am not a trend setter or follower. You will not see chevron anywhere in my house not that there is anything wrong with chevron……I do not use things the way they are supposed to be used and therefore my house reflects me and only me. I have stilts and levels on my walls as shelves, I have lamps made form ski poles…I almost never buy new because most new things don't fit what I am looking for so I have to thrift it, make it or create it. It takes me awhile longer to create my home but I think it is worth it.

And hopefully what my readers take away is a new way to look at things. If they need something, say shelving, start looking at things that "could" be used as shelving instead of going out and buying shelving….
basketball rack…….


and I like to leave each blog post with a black and white photo just because I love the look. So that makes me unique...
3. Why do I write/create what I do?
As I said previously, I want  people to look at the possibilities in their home to reflect themselves and not Target…not that there is anything wrong with Target!  but start the process buy listing what you need and then find a cool solution that will fit that need.  It may very well be that you need shelving from Target but step into a thrift store and look around, you might find a cool set of end tables that you could stack on top of each other and make an etagere.  I also want people to not be afraid of trying tools so I usually show how I have used my tools in very detailed tutorials. Everyone person should know how to use a drill, a hammer, and maybe a circular saw. I got a compressor and 2 nail guns last Christmas!  The fun factor has risen significantly in my house, well at least for me it has, I can;t say the kids have really enjoyed it as much! But the home projects have defiantly been mad easier.  If you know how to read, then you can use a tool! They include instructions and I Youtube a ton for advice and tips. Then I go tackle it! I have had a lot of failures but I have also learned a ton.

The most important reason why I do what I do is to show my kids that you can do almost anything if you educate yourself and do not let fear rule your life. Who cares if someone doesn't like your project, YOU DO and YOU DID IT so go for it. You will learn just as much, if not more through failure, as you do from doing it right the first time. But you always learn something…especially about yourself and the depths of your creativity.

Each time I fail or succeed, it takes one more fear brick off of my wall of creativity.

4. How does your writing/ creating process work?
I am kind of a willy nilly person by nature so my creative process is willy nilly at the beginning. I usually keep a notebook for ideas for projects  but that is as structured as I am. Once I start writing a post, I usually like to finish it in one sitting because I find writing a little hard for me. I am not a natural writer and therefore when I post it takes a lot out of me. I do write to make people laugh and also to give them the lowdown, good and bad, on my projects. But I find that I have gotten better over the three years I have been blogging but it is still hard work for me and very time consuming.   I am even worse about the social media part of blogging so I don't do too much to promote myself that way. I figure people will get me eventually!

Okay so if there is anything else you want to know about me, send me a question and I will try to answer it. Not sure there is burning questions in blogland about me!!!

Maybe what is my true hair color????

Now it is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to two bloggers that I have been following for awhile now. They represent two very different aspects of my likes: vintage and tools.

First is Nita of Mod Vintage Life:
She has an effortless vintage style that is fun and not stuffy like some vintage styles can look. She likes to highlight home tours and show great houses each Sunday as well as show off her home and her creative decor. She lives with 4 weeny dogs who are about the cutest things ever. Here is a link to her cottage for you to enjoy!

Next is Elisha of The Pneumatic Addict
"Hey, I'm Elisha. I'm a wife, a mom to twin boys and a serious DIYer. I started by blog a year and a half ago to provide an answer when people ask "How'd you do that yourself?!" I offer in depth tutorials for projects such as furniture building/ refinishing, upholstery, home improvement, and home decor. One of the main goals of my blog is to demystify tools for women and encourage everyone to "give it a shot". Here is one of my favorite projects of hers: she welds!

So please visit Karen, Nita, and Elisha and get addicted to them as well!

I will leave you with a little beach fun we encountered this past week at Mrytle Beach:
Luckily this was the only one we saw! 
Have an excellent Monday people!!!!

Always being renewed,

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July 11, 2014

Back door troubles

Between swimming and softball, packing for vacation next week and just plain having fun with the kids, I haven't felt the need or desire to post for a while. But I haven't forgotten about projects! There is always one cookin' at my place! This one finally got started a few weeks ago, I just couldn't find time to  get ti up on the blog but here it is today!

My sweet neighbor Dee found a back door for me when she knew how much I hated my current one.
Let's take a look at pure loveliness…..
This has always bothered me but other projects have been more pressing. As you can see, one project that I should probably get to is cleaning the actual back porch as well as cleaning the brick…another time.

I am at a loss on this one….but it too will get done this summer I hope. I can't stand looking at that ugly thing.

Gotta love poor DIY. When I removed the casing of the aluminum door this is what I found…."Yes, let's stuff some old strips of cotton to stabilize the frame!"

 OK, enough grousing about the previous owners… Here's the wooden loveliness that I wanted to use.  All my other doors are wooden so I had been on the hunt for one for a while. Thank god for neighbors with eagle eyes!
The door was about 1/2" too wide for the opening so I needed to take off a bit on the hinge side. Now my house is 100+ years old so that also meant that I had to measure at several different points on the door opening because nothing is square. I took those measurements, transferred them to the door and then used my circular saw to cut off the excess. Ever heard the adage measure twice, cut once? We will get back to that…..
I was hanging this door by myself because I am too impatient and my husband was at a golf outing. But  these surface mount hinges did make it ridiculously easy to hang. Attach the fully assembled hinges to your door first.

Place your door in your opening and use shims to get it off of the bottom a bit, otherwise it will scrape.

Come to the inside of the door and mark  your hole with a pencil.

Take out the hinge pin….
Take off the hinge and screw it into the frame where it is marked. Then you just slide the two hinge pieces together and replace the pin! Admire your handiwork from the outside, open and close your new door several times because you can not believe you did this yourself and then go inside to have a look...
And see how wrong you were. There should not be this much light all around the edge of your door!
Since it was 4 o'clock by now, I had to calmly put my tools down and start dinner and go to a swim meet. Stew on this the entire meet….and wake up the next day to start all over again….
Again I did not wait for my husband but I can't remember why he was not available at this point….nor can I remember why I thought I should continue to do this by myself. 
Some might say I can be a bit stubborn but he was not around to say it.

Okay, so to fix this debacle, I removed the door, built up the frame on the hinge side with two layers of lattice because a 1x2 would have been too thick and one layer of lattice was not enough. If I had taken off any more of the door from the hinge side, the window/screen would have looked off center.
So I measured, cut, glued and screwed the lattice strips into place.
and re-hung the door using the exact same procedure as the day before….Now the door was too big again! I might have pitched a fit at this point. Looking at it from the outside, it just looked a bit too big so I started sanding the handle side of the door……and sanded….and sanded…….and saaaaaannnnnnded. Hmmmmm, maybe I should look from the inside? Oh bigger than I thought.

Yep, off the door came and a smidge was removed using the circular saw.
I was so happy when i hung it the THIRD freakin' time and it fit, it closed, and the only light that was showing through was from the worn away stone from the bottom step. That I am not touching!

Lessons learned?
1. Have a helper. That way you can see what you need to see
2. Look at the door from the inside. That way you can see the light. If I had down this I would have not taken off so much and I would not have created twice, actually three times the work for myself.
3. MEASURE three times, cut once.
4. Keep your inside door closed while you work……pain in the neck to keep opening and closing while you work but MUCH less flies.

Now all I need to do is build a screen…..my track record says that will take me double the time of the door.
I think I will wait until after vacation to start that one!

Always being renewed,

Please see the link party page to see where I link arms with those blissfully beautiful bloggers that host every week. So gracious they are along with these other sweet ladies!
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