May 20, 2012

Easy Peezy iPod cake

I feel like I have not seen you guys in for-eva! Sorry I have been absent for a few days. My son turned 13 today, and I had mucho preparation-o to do for the BIG sleepover par-tay on Friday night and I am still recovering from said Par-tay where we had 10 13 year old boys "sleeping" in a 12x15 space.  They truly do not have any idea about how large they have become or about personal space. OR about how too much methane gas ( you know what I'm talkin' about here) will require a call to the fire company to check if safe oxygen levels are present in your home.......

Jake couldn't decide what kind of cake he wanted. We had to strike the right cord for the cake, it couldn't be cheesy or babyish. It had to be "cool". He loves music so the idea he finally decided on 2 days before his party.......


I googled iPod cakes and realized fondant at this point is out of my league and not an option. I am pretty good with an icing bag but those icons gave me the willies. Too much detail.

I am going to share a life saver and super cool way to personalize a cake for your kids.

Wafer paper and edible ink!

I printed out a screen shot of the icons from an iPod touch and layed the wafer paper over the printout and traced and colored the icons I wanted with edible ink markers. Now those were not so cheap but I will use them over and over again so I think it was worth the expense. The wafer paper only cost $0.25 a piece!

Here it is! What do you think?

Here's another cake tip for you. Super smooth icing can be had for the price of a roll of Viva paper towels! Butter cream icing gets a crust on it once it has air dried a bit. Wait until this has happened and then take one section of the Viva towels and lay it on top. Gently and lightly rub your open palm over the surface and you will have a surface that is smooth as a baby's boo-tay.

If you notice, there is also a pattern on the edges. Use a paper towel that has a pattern and lay it where you want the pattern to be and run your palm over it the same way! Badda-Bing! Pattern in your icing without having to take the Wilton cake decorating course! You could do the pattern over an entire cake and it would look amazing. Go for it!!!

I did learn that after you color with the markers I probably should have laid a book over top of it so the edges didn't curl but now YOU know and you will not make that mistake! You attach the wafer paper with either Crisco or piping gel. Just paint it on the back gently and place it where you want it.  
You could use this wafer paper technique on cookies or on cupcakes. 

The beauty of this technique as well, you can so easily personalize it for your kids (or whomever).
If you can trace and color in the lines.....
Your golden!

Here is a close up of the pattern, and the rice paper curling and the "camera"
Say Cheese!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Morning Kim glad to see u survived that is way cool and creative I am sure it was a big hit with the guys and gave u big points in the cool Mom category. Hope u have a great week Happy Monday Off to feed the dogs and water aerobics.

  2. This is the first I have seen one of these. Great idea and I'm sure it is good for a wide range of ages. I want one for my birthday!!

  3. This is so cool! I am not 13 but I want one lol! Great cake.


  4. This cake is awesome! Thanks for the good tips on how to do it. I have 3 boys...15,13 & 9 so they are the perfect age for this! Have a great day! :)

  5. Awesome Cake! I love the details!

  6. Glad your son's party went well! The cake is awesome! Love that you used real ear buds, nice touch. :-)

  7. Super cool! Thank you for sharing this at our Handmade Tuesdays party.

  8. OMG how stinkin cute is this! I love it! The paper towel tip is so awesome too.

  9. Oh my word!! Super clever! I have one turning 13 soon and this would be perfect! Thank you for sharing at Uncommon this week! featuring this on our FB page today!! :)

  10. My daughter has already requested this for her birthday in November.

    Great job!!

  11. That is awesome!!! I LOVE it! What a fun cake. Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.

  12. This is a really cute idea! Love it! I found you on 5 Days 5 Ways and would love it if you would link up at my linky party going on now!

  13. Absolutely fabulous Kim! I will be featuring your IPOD cake tomorrow night at Project Queen's Link Party Highlights! Thanks so much for sharing.

  14. Holy crackers! I called all of my kids in the room to have a look and my son said, " Please mom, can you make that cake for my birthday? "
    Uummm, no. Mommy can't bake.

    You did a fabulous job and I featured it today!

  15. Featuring you today at Drab to Fab!

    Great details and why not make a cake out of what so many of us spend 50% of our time staring at? (Just kidding)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice

    Please come on back over and share more of what you have been doing!

  16. Soo cute! I featured you today! I hope you will stop by and link up again this week!


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