October 10, 2013

5 Minute Makeover-Light Globe

Since my ETSY shop has apparently finally generated some business with the pallet art, I have been a busy bee! Not sure what happened but I now have 3 regular orders and 2 custom orders in 2 days where before I had a big fat "0". 
Thank you Jesus!  
If you are in the neighborhood, I might just sucker you into helping me build these bad boys!

But this post is supposed to be about a 5 minute makeover so let's get to it baby!

I was at the thrift store today and I saw the coolest light globe ever and the crazy took over and I had to have it.  I actually found two things where the crazy took over but you'll just have to wait for the other one!

It looked like a pine cone to me. If you are seriously doubting ever being friends with me, I get it. This does not make most hearts go a-flutter....but you didn't see the final product!

Looking glass mirror spray paint is my drug of choice. Yes, be very careful. If you inhale it, I am fairly sure you will hallucinate. But aside from that fact, it is so easy to use and the effect is so cool, it gives you a high when you create with it.
 Just look here to see another project that was transformed by mirror paint.

It only took about 3 coats and I just sprayed it inside and then kept rolling the globe over and over between my hands to keep the spray paint from running while it dried. It dries pretty fast but with items that have small openings, you just have to spray it inside and roll. 

 Now my foyer mantle is a hot mess right now so don't look too closely. Not sure that this will be it's final home but for now, I like it with my mercury glass candle sticks that I got at Target for $0.75 for the smalls and $1.00 for the talls.
But they do actually need candles. Just haven't gotten that far yet.
My hope, as always when I post, is that you will feel inspired to try new things and never look at things they way they are originally intended. I hope you will look at globes now as art and not just for their functionality.

Am I crazy like cuckoo bananas or crazy like a fox?
You be the judge.

Always being renewed,

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  1. Love this! I'm a big fan of looking glass paint, too. :)

  2. Like a fox! As soon as I saw that I went 'oh I hope she does a mercury-glass-like treatment!' Great minds huh? Now I want to run to the Re-Store...

    1. Thanks Julie! Now I can tell my husband that I am Foxy!


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