September 16, 2012

Lamp Shade Tutorial

So today we are going to hook up the lamp bases I made with some shades. I bought the bases naked hoping I could purchase some large shades on the cheap but the thrift stores are not cooperating. I managed to find a great tutorial at The Rooster and the Hen and then tweaked it a little. 

Recap of the lamps:
they went from this: primer over brass

to this: 

to this:

to this! For $34!
Please visit  here to see how the bases were refinished into a crackle mercury glass like finish. Then come on back and get your shades done!

For one shade you will need: 
1 large embroidery hoop ( I used a 12x20 oval )
1 sheet dry erase poster board
1 wire hanger (unbeaten of course)
needle nose pliers
glue and glue gun
4 wood skewers

Here's the skinny on how to make your own shade:
Separate the embroidery hoop into 2 hoops and remove the wood pieces that hold the nut and bolt.

Staple the hoop back together using a stapler. I stapled both sides and then hammered it to make it secure. I pulled on this to make sure it held! It did so either this will be good or I am a total wimp. You make the call.

Cut your dry erase sheet in half. This is 22 inches so your shade will measure 11 inched high. Remember that number because you are going to base all construction off of the number 11.

Attach 2 skewers to each hoop at the same spot using your glue gun. I measure 7 inches off center for each skewer. This needs to be even because when you have shades, things do not show when the light is off, but they sure as heck do when the light is shining through. 

Using your ruler, line up the two hoops to be 11 inches apart when set up like above. Now secure the skewer to the other side of the hoop with your glue gun. Make sure they are straight.

And level! Remove sticker on hoop.....

Cut your hook off of the hanger and cut the wire into two equal lengths. 

Bend in half

then continue bending until you get a loop at the top Use your needle nose pliers to make the loop flat.

Bend up each end of the wire 1/2"

Position your wire in the middle of the side of the oval. I used the markings on my table as a guide to make sure the loop was in the middle of the oval and also centered on the side of the hoop. Make sure the bent ends are facing up. 
Hot glue in place and repeat on the other side

Hang on the lamp to make sure it is enough stability. Now just hot glue the dry erase posterboard to each side of the  shade skeleton. I forgot to take pics here so I am sorry. Be careful here as you will have some overlap where the two peices will meet. I measured where half was and cut them to fit first. The seams should be on either side or you will see it when the light is on.  

 Okay rememebr how I told you that things will show when the light is on.....I was so diligent in making my skewers straight that I forgot to put this facing the back.
So live and learn and enjoy your spankin' new shades. Now you can leave them this way or you can cover them with material. I am going to bring you another tutorial on how I covered them in a day or two. Lots of laundry....

Always being renewed,

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  1. Unreal. I love your lamps and your shades. Stunning. Hugs, marty

  2. this is a great idea. i have thinking of a way to make something like this. you know what else might look good on the shade is some stenciling on the inside. ive seen some cute shapes on hometalk. love it.

  3. Great idea! Thanks!

  4. Great revamp idea! I have more than one lampshade I have needed to replace. I think I will try this first.

  5. Wow extremely creative of you to come up with this idea. I have hoops all over my home, of all sizes. A great idea to be able to make one "fit" your shade. Your lamps turned out beautifully.

  6. You forever amaze me! Featuring you tomorrow at It's Overflowing (party opens Saturday at 7am). XO, Aimee

  7. Kim,
    I was just thinking about your lamp shade and I wonder if you filled in the holes from the backside, with some wood fill, if it would take care of the light coming through those holes.


  8. Absolutely love the lamp shades.. and pretty easy to follow tutorial. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Can you tell us the brand of the poster board sheets, or where you can buy them? Ditto for the wooden skewers.

    1. I got the poster board from my local craft store called Pat Catan's. It is a plastic sheet. The wooden skewers are just from your local supermarket.


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