September 2, 2013

Steampunk Door Decor

I hope everyone's Labor Day is full of fun and labor, the good kind. I am working on a little outdoor project as we speak but I thought I'd take a break while my power tools recharge and show you something new that I added to the Dining Room. Sometimes you have big spaces that need to be filled and sometimes you need something unique to put there.
We had saved all of the old hardware from our garage doors when we replaced them ourselves. Yes we  not only saved about $400 per door and but we got some awesome vintage looking pulleys, springs etc. in the process.

Well, I finally got around to using at least one of them. You might recognize my door from my TV stand mash-up. Once I got my new credenza, the door went to the basement until I decided I wanted to use it in my house some other way.

I was moving my pulleys for about the fiftieth time when I finally said to myself....."Will you do something with one of these for Pete's sake?" Now who is Pete we don't know but he lives somewhere in this house because I do a lot of projects in his name. I have yet to see him but I like how he motivates me.


This is how the wall started out. 
 Kinda boring except for that awesome artwork by my son.

I think it is always good to show the mess that our projects create lest you think I have the perfect home. I know this sounds like crazy talk to my family and friends who KNOW I do not have a perfect home and knew that this stayed like this for, say... about a week. 

Husband=patience of Job.

 I think it might have been worth it....

I love the vintage industrial vibe that it has and it only cost about $12. It makes a much bigger impact and in my opinion, it beats the usual things that get hung on the wall.
Come back tomorrow to see how this was done and maybe this will get you thinking of some new and different ways to add decor to YOUR walls.

I hope your Labor Day produces something grand!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Oh, yeah. LOVE that little bit of industrial vibe. You never cease to surprise, Kim. :)

  2. love love love
    how it turned out

    i guess i like steampunk!


  3. I agree, it does beat the usual things that go on a wall. Very creative design and it looks great!

  4. Your project turned out great but where do the rest of us get all that industrial stuff to replicate yours? Guess maybe we could fake it and use something else for the pulley? The door with wreath on it look great on your wall.

    1. I got the cable and clamps from the local hardware store and just spray painted it dark to match the pulley. You can actually find pulleys on Etsy, Ebay, craigslist and many flea markets. Buy 'em when you see 'em!

  5. This is absolutely stunning! Now I guess I'll have to start looking for doors. :)

  6. I love the door and using the pulley was an inspired idea! Just loving the vintage industrial vibe!

  7. I featured your Steam Punk art today on Mod Mix Monday at Mod Vintage Life.
    Love it!

  8. Stopping by to let you know I am featuring you tomorrow on Made in a Day! Thanks so much for linking up!


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