March 5, 2015

Bunny Pillows and How to use iron-on transfer paper

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I thought I'd make some bunny pillows for Easter and some St. Patrick day door hangers for the sale this weekend. But how to do it? I don't have a fancy printer and I don't know how to print on fabric nor am I a silk screen printer, although I think I would like to learn how. So as I was in Joann fabrics looking for some nice linen fabric to use for the pillows, I remembered I had made a photo quilt for my parents 40 wedding anniversary using iron-on transfer paper.
It is a bit expensive but if you use your 40% off coupon, not so bad!

So how do you use it?     Very easy really!

Here's the skinny:
1. Find a picture you want to use or a photo (make sure it is not copyrighted!)

2.  Crop the photo if you like using whatever software you have. 

3.Place the paper in your printer with the stripe facing up

4. Print out your photo/picture. You can print more than one image on each sheet depending on how big you want your image to be. 

***If you have words that you want printed, you HAVE to choose mirror image print or the words will be backwards!

5. Let dry 30 minutes before ironing

6. Pre-heat the iron for 5 minutes, no water in the iron and set to cotton and no steam.

7. Cut out only what you want from the image to transfer onto your fabric.

8. Place the image face down on your fabric and iron on something hard like a wooden cutting board with a pillow case layed over top of it. Press hard and leave in place for 15-20 seconds in each section. Make sure you pay special attention to the edges. 

9. Let the paper cool until still warm to the touch. Gently lift an edge and start peeling the paper up. If you see a bit of the transfer not transferring, put the iron on that spot for a second or two then try again.

10. If you want a gloss finish on the transfer, leave the paper on until it is completely cooled.


Here they are individually so you can see a bit more detail I hope…
This graphic was from The Graphics Fairy. If you need anything vintage and graphic go see her website. Fantastic selection. 

This one is also from The Graphics Fairy but I cropped it down so it would be bigger and just have the bunny. Here is the actual image:
I cropped it down and then adjusted it to fit on an 8x10 sheet. 

 Here are the door hangers:

And I tried one on burlap. A little sketchy for this one. It was the first one I transferred so I did not leave the iron on this long enough. But it looks like a little rustic, or maybe I am rationalizing too much =-)

What do you think of iron-on transfers?
Ever tried them?

Always being renewed,

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  1. Love them all, Kim. I've been wanting to give this a try for a while. Maybe I will get my act together for something for the playroom we are working on now.

  2. adorable, kim! i especially love the bunny in black!

  3. Hi Kim! I just recently tried iron-on transfers and they turned out beautifully! I love how yours turned out as well! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!

  4. Kim, I have never tried iron on transfers before but after seeing your pillows I am inspired to try! Your pillows came out beautifully:).

  5. I have some bunny pillows never made them as I am more talented in the kitchen rather than needle and thread but plan on sharing this with my daughter who seems to have inherited both like her grandma
    come see us at

  6. Love the little bunny pillows, Kim! I bought some of the transfer paper awhile back. You've inspired me to pull that out and create something for my home.

    1. So glad this got your juices flowing! Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

  7. These are wonderful. Thanks for the instructions -- I really have to try this. I saw your link among the many creative ideas at That DIY Party.

  8. I made pillow cases with pictures of out-of-town family on it for my nieces and nephews for Christmas one year. I love the little black and white bunny! I like this application way better than photographs of people!


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