May 23, 2016

Black Seaside coffee table

I know many people don't think of black when you say beach but I think this might be a new trend! Or at least I am going to try and start it! You can tell me what you think after you see the finished product…..
This was a table I snatched from the curbside store and was completely surprised when I went to put it into the back of my truck. It looks so chunky that I wasn't sure that I'd be able to pick it up by myself. But then I did one of those graceful moves to brace my legs to give a mighty heave and I almost fell over backwards bc this table is feather light! Kinda funny bc the guy who bought it……did the same exact thing!

There was all kinds of purple crude on it, not sure if it was jelly or wine or just not something I want to know about  but it required a good cleaning, scraping, and then sanding.

For some reason,  the boards cried out to be yellow, turquoise and red. I thought these would look great with black. 

I painted the whole thing black and then dry brushed the colors on. I then very wet brushed over the dry brush to make it more watery and seaside. Or at least that is what I think.

This is the up close to see the dry and the watery mixed together. It showed up better on the yellow and turquoise but I think it contrasted nicely with the more opaque red.

Could you see this in a beach house?
Friday I'll show you another table that looks almost exactly like this but I did a different paint technique on it. You can tell me which one you like better!

Always being renewed,

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