August 15, 2012

Aging a metal shelf

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Having an old house is great on many levels. Storage is not one of them. When our upstairs bathroom developed a leak and the DR ceiling came down, we had to re-do the bathroom. The insurance company would have paid to have the tube removed and new tile put down and then reinstall the tub. However the layout was terrible so that didn't make an sense to me. Thus remodeling commenced. 

Oh, and did I mention I was 8 months pregnant at the time? Happy Times.

We did get a better layout but no additional storage could be added. Where do yo put your towels, etc. when you don't have a closet? Large baskets! However, said new baby got bigger and had it in her head that the baskets were an actual sofa in the bathroom and sat on them so many times they imploded.

But being that I am a patient sort (works for decorating my home, somehow the patience doesn't always translate with my kids), I just kept propping them back up and stuffing them with the towels, one day hoping to find a storage solution. Some specifics are that the room is only about 6' x 10' long so anything I found could be no deeper than 15" tops. That is hard to find. Trust me, I have been looking for 3 years!

Now I did find some dandy solutions all over the web, however, if you have read my blog at all, you know I am cheap. I can not justify spending $300 on some shelves. Even if they look like an apothecary cabinet or vintage metal. So I waited and kept stuffing. 

Lo and behold ( I love saying that!), I was in IKEA on Saturday and I see the Hyliss metal shelving unit for $14.99!!

Only 10" deep!!! 

But very shiny. 

I remembered that I had looked at the blog Home Road that had used Lysol toilet bowl cleaner to age some new metal buckets from the Dollar store. They looked amazing. She also cited Meridian Road as her inspiration.  So I got me some Lysol and took the unit outside. I initially just used a sponge to apply the foamy Lysol but it looked too streaky and not natural. So I mixed some up in a squirt bottle and it worked beautifully.

 The sun dried it in about 1 hour and I re-applied where I wanted more aging. Once dry, I wiped it down. Then I was able to spray the sides and the braces that held the shelves. Wipe everything really well with just a wet rag. Rinse often.

 I did like how this came out but I wanted a little more age to inhabit it. 

So I broke out the Ebony stain and gave it a go. The top shelf is the ebony stain and the bottom shows you without it. I liked it but wanted a little more depth.

So I added some Jacobean stain (dark brown) in some places. Now it was perfect. The Lysol eats away at the surface  of the metal so the stain "pooled" in those places that I had more heavily applied the Lysol. I guess we should all be glad toilets are porcelain and not stainless steel for more than the obvious reasons....

Okay now the fun part! Putting my towels away!!!! No, I do not own just three towels. But I liked how this looked all lined up in the photos. 

Add some pretties

Think outside the soapbox when adding your accessories. An old copper pot can hold hand towels.

A vintage metal soap dish has become my ring holder.

A bird's nest becomes a textural, resting place for my extra soaps. 

I am planning on removing the painted square that is left from a candle display that I had to remove in order for the shelves to rest against the wall. I think I might relocate the candles and their holders outside. We will see. One project at a time.

I am so happy that I was patient and waited for the Lord to provide the solution. I am also so grateful to bloggers for putting those ideas out there for everyone to read.

And don't worry, the 4 year old has been warned......

Always being renewed,

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  1. Hey there Kim I haven't been visiting much I have been busy working on some projects other than recipes and cooking lol I know a shocker. Love the metal table and what it did to your bath for storage that is fantastic and so stylish. I couldn't see the paint on the palet table I must be blind and I love all you did with the communion table brilliant.
    So glad to know u u r so inspiring hey guess what fall is arriving here Sat will only be 91 I can't wait.

  2. Perfect! I was looking at the shelves in the IKEA catalog, but I thought that at that price, they just had to be flimsy junk. And sooo shiny. Now I think I am going to order some, that worked out great for you!

  3. Love it!Great work. I love old houses too. Regarding houses aren't any better. OK, maybe the master closets are bigger in new houses. Smart thinking with the finish!

  4. That looks fabulous! Great inspiration!!

  5. Oh me oh my! This is FABULOUS! I love the finished patina you created! Who knew? I'm pinning this!!!!

  6. Hi! I'm visiting from Flamingo Toes. :-) This is such a GREAT idea! I love the new vintage look. Thanks for sharing--I'm tucking this away for the future.

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  8. Your shelf looks amazing! I'm loving the industrial look!

  9. I had no idea you could do this with Lysol?! Looks great!

  10. Lysol! Who would have thought! Love your bathroom shelf!

  11. That looks so great! So much better than leaving a new metal item outside in the sun for a year! (yes I have done that!

  12. Wow - brilliant - it looks fantastic!!!
    Authentic - and I love your radiator too!

  13. This looks great Kim! Saw your link over at Elizabeth and Co. and wanted to see your technique! Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. I have never heard of using Lysol to age metal. The shelving looks great. I have some little buckets I have to try this on. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Oh, I LOVE this and I love how you have it displayed!!

  16. These shelves look so great in your bathroom. I love how you've styled them too!

  17. Wow, thanks for the tip!! The shelf looks great! Now to find a metal shelf!!
    I am your newest follower. Visiting from "Beyond the Picket Fence"
    Donna G.

  18. Awesome! I saw the Lysol trick the other day too but I love how you tried the stain to give it more depth. Definitely love the way it looks!

  19. I'm calling you the faux finish wizard from now on.

  20. Great idea! Will be sharing this on our FB page later tonight! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Take care,


  21. I had no idea! Thank you for teaching me something new. Your shelves look great!
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create! <3 Christina

  22. Brilliant! This looks amazing. I just love Ikea.

  23. VERY awesome!! Love the soap dish ring holder hehe

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  24. Very nice! I love that soap dish ring holder! Thanks for linking up!

  25. This is SO cool and I love your unique accessories ... I'll be featuring you a little later today! Thanks for sharing this technique with us!!

  26. I featured you today!

  27. I have that same Vintage Soap container... never thought about making it a Color... well, now if I get fed up with the original Silverplate I have the Inspiration! *Winks* Great Ideas... so glad I found your Blog via the Vintage Inspiration Blog Party over at Common Ground.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  28. So cute! Are the shelves sturdy? Do you have to hook them to the wall somehow? I have 3 little ones and wouldnt want them to fall on them if they grabbed it...

    1. You should attach them to the wall if you have small children. At the top are some extra holes so it would be very was to screw the top to the wall with an anchor without having to add anymore holes!


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