August 28, 2011

What do ya' do when....

So, we have also been without piece of wood (anyone know what this is called) for the top of our mantel in the DR for about 4 years. As you can see from past posts, we don't rush into anything in terms of replacement.... so it is Christmas last year and what do you do to spruce it up? After all, there is a big 6 inch gap at the top which is just filling up with spider webs and the like, and frankly I was just tired of looking at the sorry excuse for a mantel. 

So what do you think?

I don't have pics to do a tutorial but I can break it down for you:

1.Pack floral foam tightly into opening, use newspaper to fill in any gaps
2. Use hot glue on bottom of twig and push into foam.
3. Step back every few branches to see how it is coming along, jump up and down with excitement that this ACTUALLY might work!
4. I digress, sorry, take sheet moss and layer it around the base of the twigs. Make sure that the edge of the mantel is covered so it looks like it is supposed to be like this and not that you are missing that piece of wood thingy.
5. Wind white  lights around the base of the twigs, tucking in, around and under some of the moss.
6. Add Christmas balls in a variety of shapes and sizes but keep with a color scheme as I think it looks best. I used shades of blue and limey green, matte and shiny finish. Also work in 3's as this also looks best when arranging.
7. Make sure you tuck some balls into the base of the twigs.
8. Now really stand back and smile. you did it!

I have left the twigs, lights, and moss up still and love it. I know eventually I'll need to do something but I am enjoying it for now.

This would look great in urns outside the front door for some outdoor decoration. Or change it up using bamboo for a more structured appearance. If you use bamboo, I would use a lot of it to make it more defined and purposeful. Twigs and sticks are more informal and therefore can be more haphazard. 

Beauty from ashes, almost literally,since it is a fireplace.


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