August 28, 2011

Yippee Day DO!

When my kids, yes I have 3, are excited about something they use the phrase coined by my then 6 year old, Yippee Day Do! Well, after thinking long and hard about joining the blogging community, here I am! Hence the title.

I apply my own brand of aspirin (read: DIY) to arthritic objets de casa  so they can stand up straight again and be sassy! Am I bilingual...who knew! And yes, I know I just combined french and spanish, it just means my creative juices are flowing extra, EXTRA fast today!

I hope you enjoy bringing a cup of coffee to sit with me awhile and I hope from reading this blog you will have two things happen to you: 1. You will be inspired to look at your own, or trash-picked, or thrifted furniture in a new light and go do some lovin' on it to make it purty. 2. My deeper hope is that my words will inspire people to look at yourself in a new light and go do some lovin' on yourself so you can love on others really, really well.

Then you can say Yippee Day Do too!

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