November 1, 2011

Holy Crap! She finally wore it!

If you have visited this blog before than you know that my Tessa has refused to wear the Jiffy pop costume I made for her when she was 18 months old. Well, I about fell over when she wore my most magnificent Halloween creation to date last night!!!! Now I can die happy! Here she is and my other super cute treats from last night. See if you can recognize any of us.......

"Can you please cut some of the "tinfoil" out so I can see where I am going!?!"

Guess what, she will now not take the dang thing off! Who knew.

Does Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? Was Abraham Lincoln really honest?

Rrrrrrrr. This is one cute kitty!

Notice the posh sequined mask! This is haute couture cattiness

Progressive offered big discounts last night!

Since I am still not that good in Photoshop apparently, I'll  have to interpret what the bubble says....In bubblese this says "Why is there a flower growing out of my head?"

Hope your Halloween was safe and fun!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Great Halloween costumes! I love that you create your own- theyre always more fun than the store bought ones. :)


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