November 18, 2011

In Honor of Babies!

My sweet friend Sara just had a baby girl. Harper. She is a little peanut of a thing and just too cute. Well, with Baby Jesus' birthday around the corner  and the arival of Harper, it got my thinker thinkin'. I love celebrating babies and everything about them but I am not much of a scrap booker. But I am a memory maker. So I thought I'd share some clever ways I have saved typical baby stuff but put it on display instead of in a box. I mean who really wants to look at a box when you can look at a baby!

So check back regularly as I am going to post several cool ways to display locks of hair, a cool ornament, and a really cool border that will grow up with them!

First up, Baby cards!

These are so stinkin' cute that I really did not want to just put these in "The Box".
So first you have to do the unthinkable....... cut them up. Breathe into a paper bag if it helps.

Cut out all the cute phrases, pictures, cartoon characters. Crumble up some tissue paper, spread flat again  and wrap around a mat. Tape to the back to secure.  Arrange all the cut outs around the mat and glue in place once you have them the way you like them. Put in that cute baby face and fall in love all over again.

Did the same thing for when he was 1! The numbered cards really help identify the year.  

What a quick year it was.....he's 12 now. Sigh.

Do you have clever ways yo have displayed baby cards? Please leave a comment so others can enjoy as well.

Always being renewed,

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