December 2, 2011

Croc tables at home

Savannah Auger, of Libertas Designs, sent me some photos of the crocodile tables I did for her in their new home!

First of all, let me say that Savannah was such a pleasure to work with. She was open to ideas on how to finish the fabric insets and she was very timely in getting me the fabric. Just what you want in a client.

Here they are in their new home, her bedroom. They are dreamy aren't they?

Love the head board and the lamps! Savannah said she has plans to wallpaper the wall behind the bed and there are some mirrors that will be installed above the tables. That is going to look fabulous. And speaking of looking fabulous.....

 This is Savannah! She had to be the model for her own photo shoot when some plans fell through and these show that sometimes plans were meant to fail!  These photos look great, edgy and glam all at the same time and plus I always like seeing the person behind the creations.

Secondly, I am glad I did not know who she was when I agreed to collaborate with her on the tables because I think I would have fainted dead away. I didn't know I was working for such a glamorous lady and one that makes such fabulous shoes!  So don't forget to jump motor on over to her website and take a look at creativity in another medium. Very Posh!

Always being renewed,

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