December 23, 2011


Thought I'd post some pics of our trip to NYC. It was a little hairy trying to keep 8 people together especially when two like to wander. Yes the 74 year old FIL and the 3 year old, and then there is the 77 year old MIL who was an amazing trooper given that she has a bum knee, replaced in October, and it made for an eventful three days!

Cool 12 year old in NYC
Radio City Music Hall Chandy....I think it'll look fabulous in my foyer!

Getting up at 4:30am will do this to ya. Poor baby

Cool 8 year old with her 3d glasses. Wish I had the pic of my FIL in them as well. Priceless.

Times Square 2012 Ball

Haven't changed the year yet!

Hershey Store, a must see if you are a woman in need of chocolate

Campbell Apartment in Grand Central. This is the ceiling!!!!

Window of the apartment. 

Grand Central Station ceiling. Another ceiling, I must always be looking up. It has constellations on it and lights at location of the stars. Jackie Kennedy was the one who orchestrated the restoration of the station. So glad she did. Gorgeous.

The ball that was between the North and South tower on 9.11 and the eternal flame in front. I am amazed and thankful that more of it was not destroyed.

Always looking for inspiration

North Tower Pool. You must make a journey here. You cannot help but be moved to tears from touching the names of the individuals who gave there lives that day. I can not describe it to you. It is something that must be experienced for yourselves.

Freedom Tower. Only 14 more floors to be completed!

With Love to you this Christmas. May God richly bless you this coming year. I love you guys.

Always being renewed,

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