January 29, 2013

Donated Dresser

I am taking the day off from the LR ceiling reno because my arms can't take sanding two days in a row. I am such a slouch! And my husband is out of town so I am not tooooo motivated to do much without him today.

But I thought I'd share a quick dresser re-do and one that was done for the best of reasons. So someone less fortunate could benefit from it.

I was sitting in church two Sundays ago and it was Celebration of Life month. One of my friends who is the head of an organization called Young Lives was speaking. Young Lives exists to share the gospel and provide support to teenage moms. Many of these girls do not have family support but they choose to have their babies and it is often a very hard road. Well, Judy was telling us about a young girl who was ouch surfing. I had never heard the term before. It means they bunk on someones couch because they have no place to live. This girl also has an 8 month old as well! My heart ached for this girl and her daughter. 

Judy then shared how Young Lives was able to find her an apartment but when they went to visit her, she was sleeping on an air mattress. Young Lives then provided her with a bed and linens.

I was so upset that this happens in our day and age.
 I had a perfectly good dresser waiting in my basement for me to paint and sell but for some reason I had been hesitating about getting it done. Now I knew.

I asked Judy if the girl had a dresser. She said no but her favorite color is blue.
I never painted so fast in my life!
I stripped the top and started painting the drawers.
Once the top was polyed, I got to work straight away on the frame and hardware.
The poly was barley dry on the paint when I called Judy to say "she's ready!"

I am sad to say I did not have time to take good after pics because Judy and her husband whisked it away like Cinderella.

But here she is in my humble basement. I figured a distressed finish was a good idea because with a little one running around soon, it was going to get banged up so might as well make it look like it already was.

Blessings Michelle.

Please support Young Lives if you feel led. These girls need women to speak into their lives and hearts.

Who knows how God may use YOU to help someone in need.....

Always being renewed,


  1. What a beautiful post - and what a beautiful thing to do -
    much love will come back to you...............

  2. I absolutely love this! Doesn't it make it so much more fun when you're doing it for other people? Especially those in real need? :)

    I'm doing something similar over on my blog. I clean out my closet on occasion and have mounds of clothes that are still in good shape but I never wear anymore. I'm selling them so I can give the proceeds to The Morning Center, an organization dedicated to the care of young mothers. Here's the link: http://makesupmylife.blogspot.com/p/shop-my-closet.html

  3. Great inspiring post! Loved that color blue.


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