June 2, 2013

Thrifting and Fleaing....

In between working three days a week and trying to paint furniture for my booth and doing some special orders for some special clients (very cool and coming soon), I get to thrift or flea market. I got to do some serious flea market shopping two Fridays ago with my BFF's, Cristi and Lynnie, and we got the goods!

 We took the day and stopped at the Fiesta outlet in Newell WV for about an hour to get us some great seconds. We got various plates, bowls, and cups for a few dollars.  Then we continued up to Rogers Ohio for Rogers Flea Market where the real fun began. If you have never heard of this fun place, you need to get there! It is open every Friday, rain or shine, snow or heat. 

Vendors get there about 6 am and usually start packing up around 3:30 or 4 pm. We almost got a mustard yellow drop leaf farmhouse table and 4 ladder back cane chairs for $75!
 I know! 
If we had the room, it would either be in Cristi's kitchen or my dining room. But alas, we only brought a minivan and not a 20' truck. Next time we will be better prepared.

I snapped up a cool pigeon coop, horse harnesses and 2 minnow traps.

To which my husband said "are we now gonna raise pigeons?" No, dear man. Can't you tell it is our new coffee table?

Since I have a light fetish, the harnesses and traps are turning into a light fixture for the Dining room. Go with me on this one.

Cristi wrangled some blue Ball canning jars with lids and Lynn got herself two cool step end tables that she is going to transform for her bedroom. And we all got to spend time in sister fellowship, ate some really good flea market food and walked about 10 miles. 
A good day.

 Now for some thrifting goodness. When I saw these leaning in the corner of the Goodwill, the top is what caught my eye. I thought it was a cool arrow. Then I turned them around to check for a price.
Holy Cow! 
These are stilts! 
Maybe for a midget but they are still stilts and they now reside over my TV because that is, after all, where you would put stilts right?

This wall desperately needed something to take up the overhead space above the TV and I didn't think pictures were the ticket. Too much competition with pictures on the screen.

I painted them red to pick up the red in my orangey pillows and the picture on the mantel. They make me smile as did watching my children try to use them. 

And just so you don't forget what a dork I can be, here are a few pics of me giving them a go for your viewing pleasure! My son was making fun of me as he took the pictures. Notice HE wasn't trying to walk on stilts.
psyching myself up

I'm UP.....

Annnnnd I'm down

I  almost gave myself a head injury so I wisely stopped. 

Now all all I need is a pigeon who can use the stilts and I have a show stopper

Always being renewed,

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  1. What cool finds, Kim! I wish we had some good flea markets here in Maryland. We never seem to have any. :( I love those minnow traps and what a great idea to use the stilts over your TV.

  2. Playful finds are the best kind. Looks like great wall d├ęcor and entertainment all in one!


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