June 20, 2013

Chairs for the littles

Lately, I have been finding awesome chairs for little people. Not circus folk. The under 5 crowd. I haven't really been purposefully looking for wee chairs but when you see them, you gotta get them.

This little chair was had for $9. This is the after since I wanted to get this in the booth asap. 
It was a very sad, drab brown frame but the cushions were in awesome shape. They just needed a run through the washer. While I did that, I gave the wood a cleaning and two coats of my french grey paint that I had used for my Frenchy Bench and on my Living Room makeover
I thought it just looked more fun and kid friendly with some paint and distressing. The bottom skirt and cover had to be removed and it had like a quinzillion staples. Thought I'd throw that made up word in there since we are talking about wee people and don't they love to try and use grown up words and they come out all wrong but so stinkin' adorable???

Once clean, I re-stapled with only a zillion staples and I am hooping some sweet mama will take it home for her sweet little boy. My Jake used to sit and "read" for hours when he was 18 months old, no kiddin'. He would rock in his diaper and pull book after book off the shelf. He still has about five different books going at one time and you can find them laying all over the house. He knows just where he left off with each one.  So this chair is sorta nostalgic for me.

This next chair is just kinda hideous but in a 1970's Grandma's couch sort of delightful way. And it's a rocker so it gets some love for that. I want to paint the rails a color bit not sure as I haven't decided on a fabric yet. 

I was thinking a faux grain sack but is that too grown up for such a little chair???
What would you suggest for a little person that might be gender neutral or do you see this being more boy or girl? I was thinking a ruffle on the bottom would make it more girly but then it hides those great rockers???? I need help on this one people!

If you are interested in this chair, please email me and we can talk price and fabric, and that way you have helped me decide how to remake this for a little one.

Always being renewed,

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  1. Hi Kim,
    I love the idea of faux grain sack for this chair! Or possibly a solid color of canvas - maybe orange or kelly green or something bright! I've seen lots of neutrals in nurseries and kids rooms lately - and I think you'd have a market for it. :)
    Sweet story about Jake...

  2. Denim. With a throw pillow made from a red bandana. Perfect for that little cowboy's room! (Or, a pink bandana for a cowgirl!)

  3. OH! Is that second little rocker sold? told you i was stalking your blog tonight! :)


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