August 15, 2013

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While I was in Vegas, I received an email from Vanessa at theLAShop asking if I would be willing to work with the website and possibly review a product. Well, this is the first time anyone has actually asked for my opinion.....I usually give it to you without the asking part.

After looking through the website, I was more than thrilled to partner with them. The website is very easy to navigate and they had a huge selection of really fun items.  They have a nice variety! Anything from gardening to photography, tattooing tools, yes you read that right, and outdoor furniture and lighting, to name a few.

Since we are going to be working a patio into our landscape this fall hopefully, I thought I'd check out the 8 Foot Market Umbrella.

I received the umbrella within the week and today I got to putting it up!

How bout a look shall we?
I do not have a stand to put the umbrella in but it worked just as good just stuck in the ground. It is very sturdy yet easy to manipulate and maneuver.

 I love the look of wood umbrellas and the Market Umbrella has 8 wood ribs and all wood post. I just think it looks nicer than metal and less chance of rust making it look dingy.

The umbrella screws easily into the bottom

And the pulley system makes expanding the umbrella amazingly easy. No fear of pinched fingers, which is a secret fear of mine every time I open a regular sized umbrella so this made me happy.

You can adjust how much of the umbrella is expanded with 4 sets of holes and a pin. I love flexibility so this was speaking my language.

Look how BIG it is! 
Those chairs are huge and they both fit under the umbrella, as well as my little table with my fresh lemonade. 
I choose the white because I thought it would provide shade but still keep it light and airy. It did not disappoint. The material is fade resistant polyester and waterproof so this will come in handy when I am working on a project and it starts to drizzle. Now I won't have to quit just because of a little bad weather.
I spent about an hour reading outside today which is a real luxury for me. I felt like I was on vacation a bit because of my sweet umbrella.

These Market umbrellas come in multiple colors as well as in 9 foot and 10 foot options. You must also check out their other outdoor items as well.

Some other items that I was looking at are the LED waterproof outdoor strip lights to add to our steps and around our deck when we get that completed.  And the mini popcorn maker is a must have I think for our outdoor movie nights!

Right now, they have a 10% off Back to School Special IN ADDITION to free shipping! 

I have to say I am impressed with The LAShop. Fast delivery, awesome product, cool quirky items that you won't find other places and very good pricing......
 in my opinion

Always being renewed,

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  1. That umbrella is so pretty, and it looks great paired with those chairs. :)


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