September 9, 2013

Rustic Bench Addition

I got another thing checked off of my To-Do list for the summer! I built myself some benches to replace my ugly plastic falling apart chairs.
Behold the beauty of the plastic! These in no way, shape, or form go with my farmhouse table that I found on the trash. Yes, probably one of the best scores of my entire life. Definitely the biggest thing I have ever found on the trash. We had to push that bad boy on a dolly down two blocks and up (literally) our alley, to get it to the backyard. 
It can sit 12 people, people!
I love it.
But what I did not like about it is those chairs! But it was all we had so you go with it.
I went with it for 4 years before spying some discarded lumber in my neighbors yard. It was an old picnic table I think. I asked him if he could ever part with such awesome old wood and he of course said yes! I think the thought of ME getting it out of his yard held promise. 
.....and then it sat in my yard...for about the whole summer.

But the good news for anyone coming to dinner is that the benches are done and I think I am pretty happy with them. 
They add the rustic look I wanted and weren't that hard to build. 

I am still not sure of these legs though. I had to put two pieces together because I didn't think one plank width would be sturdy enough and not rock. Not sure if these are as sturdy as I want. I may need to add something but not sure what. I am not sure if the little bit of wobble is from putting the two pieces together or if I need to put in a diagonal brace of some kind.
Any suggestions from you guys who build stuff regularly?

I also had big plans to age the new exposed wood using vinegar and steel wool to make the whole look uniform (the perfectionist in me) but I think I am going to let nature do its thing.  I have way more projects that need to get done and some things are better left to the experts.
Okay, enough chit chat and on to the "pretty" after shots!

Yes, we make our own wine!

These are sunflowers that we grew this summer and the piece of wood was found by Tessa. She thought it should be used somehow. I couldn't agree more.

Now who to have over?????

P.S. I am holding off showing you how I built these until I figure out the bracing thing. Then I will feel better about giving you information that shows you how to make a rustic bench without a neck brace included. That's probably a plus huh?

Always being renewed,

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  1. They turned out amazing, Kim! What a great find, and I love how you set the table up as well. It's so inviting. :)

  2. I would LOVE to have a space like this in our backyard, this looks like a Ballard or RH set my friend!! xo

  3. That is some beautiful work. That table is AMAZING! Great job with the benches. I love eating al fresco!

    1. Thanks Chrisitine! We enjoyed fresh pizza that night and it did taste better just sitting outside!

  4. Perfect! Charming, inviting and so you!
    Wish I could come over and enjoy a glass of your vino while sitting there. :)

  5. LOVE it!!! I have been thinking of trying something similar. I am sure all your guests will think they are the coolest.

  6. So simple but oh so beautiful it really works well. ~ Lisa

  7. That is such a lovely addition to your table! And the setting on the table is stunning. :)

  8. What awesome finds! Your benches look amazing and I love how you styled your table. For the bench, what about metal L-brackets underneath to hold the legs in place better?

    1. Well, my son broke the one leg in half so I guess I am back to square one. He says he lifted it up and it just fell off...hmmmmm...... Well, mybe it is time to glue the old wood to new wood! I'll be sure to post an update on whatever I figure out.

  9. They look amazing! You did a great job. I like the suggestion of using metal L-brackets to hold those legs. I look forward to learning how you made them.

  10. Such an amazing job! Love it! I am a new follower...would love if you could follow back!

  11. So pretty!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  12. I'm on my way. haha! Beautiful work, as always, Kim! The benches look great and I love the table setting!


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