September 3, 2013

SteamPunk Door How-to

So if your new love language is steampunk, which I think is now my first love language, then I'm so glad you are here. I'm still glad even if you like new things since that means you are here to break out of your shell!

I promised you yesterday that I would show you how I made my steampunk door and I'ma gonna do that today!

I couldn't even call this a tutorial because this is so stinkin' easy. So it is a short how-to and the longest thing that this might take is finding your stud in the ceiling.

Supplies you will need:
 an old pulley
an old door with the hinges if possible
2 cable clamps
cable (I used about 12 feet but bought 18)
spray paint
large heavy duty hook
2 L brackets
plastic anchors

stud finder
drill with drill bit
 My stud finder said there was a stud there. 
I think it was on crack.
Once you find your stud, screw your hook into the ceiling.

Make sure that your pulley fits over the hook before you attach it to the ceiling

The cable and cable clamps come in silver so spray paint your cable before threading it through your hinges. I used Carbon Mist by Rustoleum to make this match the pulley color. I colored the hook with a Sharpie! Your clamps are really easy to use and although I forgot to take a picture, it is pretty self explanatory. Put the U shaped part over both pieces of cable, insert the flat part, add the nuts and tighten it all down. One will hold it, I just thought two looked good and finished it off better than one. 

At this point, your door is swinging in the wind pretty much. So you will need to add the L brackets either on the bottom or top or both if you are a super safety person to keep it level. I just did 2 on the bottom, cuz' I like to live on the edge.  Use your level to make sure that the door is hanging, well, level. Then mark where the L bracket should be.

I have brick walls so I had to use my hammer drill to attach the L brackets to the wall. In order to do that you will also need some plastic anchors. These need to fit the size of your screws that come with the L brackets.  Mark where the L bracket will be and then mark the circles where the screws will go.
Drill into the wall at the circle marks. Use a drill bit that is the same size as the anchor. 

Place your anchor in the hole and tap it in using a hammer

It should be flush with the wall.

This is what the L bracket looks like from underneath. 

And this is how it looks from the front. Barely noticeable. If you want it even less noticeable, the top would be better. I wanted it on top but for some reason the hammer drill didn't want to go deep enough to hang from the top. Be flexible!
Another plus about this door is it hides the holes in my wall from trying to attach the L bracket. If you have drywall walls, this will be soooooo much easier.
Now you can leave it plain or add something to it!

This is a bit three dimensional once you are finished. 
Now go find a big wall, some junk, and get crackin'! 
Find a stud while you're at it! 
Marry him even!

Would you ever try this look for your house?

What would you add to your door???

Always being renewed,

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  1. You're speaking my language. I'm totally into the vintage industrial look right now. With my boring tract home, I'm going to have to work it in slowly.

  2. Very, very cool. What an original idea!

  3. That looks so amazing above your desk. I love your style, Kim.

  4. This is awesome Kim, I LOVE the door above your fabulous desk!

    xo, Tanya

  5. I'm going to pin this to my "industrial vibe" board. Now, I want to think of some other ways to use that cable and the connectors...thanks for always inspiring, Kim!

  6. This is one of the most creative things I've seen done with a door. Great idea!

    1. Thank you Jessica! Sometimes lightening strikes!

  7. We love what you have done. Please come share it with us at Craft Frenzy Friday! The party starts Thursday to 7pm cst. I won't be a party without you.

  8. I LOVE it and think it is AWESOME! Just let go of some six panel doors :( I so should have done this with them!!! I did use two as headboards and LOVE them ~ scored 8 unpainted six panel doors on CL for FREE!!


    1. Thanks Allison! I love doors as headboards as well!


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