November 13, 2013

DIY Halloween Costumes-for under $10!

I know this is way late but I still wanted to get it out there to show you what you can create for under $10 a costume.

Yep , that is my max per kid per year! This year we needed to create a Greek goddess, Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead, and a  sweet Periwinkle fairy (she's Tinker Belles sister). Sorry about the grainy pics, we have no light in our foyer on a good day and Halloween this year was beyond dreary and rained the entire night,  so even less light to take photos.

First up: Daryl Dixon- we had to match this:

Since we shaved Jake's hair we had to get a wig. The only one I could find was an orange haired "teen dream/Justin Beiber" one for 75% off at Joann's, which meant it was $5. We put it on, gave it a hair cut and then spray painted it black. 

The shirt cost me $3.00 at the thrift store. We used a towel cape I had made for Jake years ago when he was a Jedi for Halloween and just cut a hole for his head. We added a coat hanger to the end of a wooden gun and voila! a cross bow.
Total cost: $8

Now for the Greek goddess:
That is a fancy sheer curtain right there folks! For $3.95 and the shoes were $4.00. We wrapped and pinned the curtain around Izzy like a goddess and then added a borrowed gold belt.  

I spray painted a paper bag gold and then cut out leaves and hot glued them to a ribbon for the leaf crown.
Total cost: $8.95

 Last but not least little Periwinkle: 
We looked through the dress up for something to match Periwinkle's dress but nothing was in good enough shape to make it through the night so I did get this dress at the Good will for $5. We did have wings though so that was a plus. The wig was also 75% off, so $5, and the shoes cost $2.00. So we went a bit over for Tess. But she will wear that wig again.  JK, she will wear the shoes though for sure. We hot glued some feathers onto the skirt and pompoms onto the shoes. Then added our wings and pixie dust.

Total cost: $12

I know this is blurry bit I just love those cheeks!

Ideal family photo.....
(dad was caught in traffic so we photo-shopped him in as a ghost. Can you find him? )

actual family photo!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Cool...I'm making a Daryl Dixon costume for my daughter. Just looking at your crossbow, isn't the bow part backwards? Otherwise it looks awesome!


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