January 27, 2014

Compassion Bloggers are in Uganda!

Although I wish it were me, I am excited about what these bloggers are going to be sharing from across the ocean. This is the 5 year anniversary of Compassions first trip partnering with the blogging community. This is exciting to me since from these visits thousands of kids have gotten sponsored and are now able to have regular meals, schooling, AND find out about the love of Christ through Compassion……just by reading a blog post.

Meet the Bloggers Bound For Uganda
January 27-31

Joy Wilson
(aka Joy The Baker) has tattoos and a sweet tooth. What's not to like? She's an author, podcaster and blogger who writes more personably than so many of her food-blogging peers. Get to know Joy here.

Jeff Goins
is a writer who teaches and inspires others to be writers. He's the author ofWrecked and The In-Between and a sought after communicator. And he owns a bow tie. Read more about Jeff here.

Myquillyn Smith
(aka The Nester) is a home blogger...
but not really. She subversively and warmly uses conversation about decor to talk about family, beauty, priorities, creativity and faith. She hates to fly but is boarding a plane with us for the second time. She wrote beautifully in 2012 fromTanzania. More about Myquillyn here.

Emily P Freeman
is the author ofA Million Little Ways andGrace For The Good Girl. Emily wrote so compellingly for Compassion from thePhilippines in 2011 and this time around she'll be sharing a room and malaria meds with her sister, Myquillyn. Learn more about Emilyhere.

It is easy to get caught up in the project side of blogging and forget one of the real reasons I started to blog. To include Jesus in a way that would inspire others to want to get to know HIM and to help others.  

So this is one of the easiest ways to help someone. Sponsor a child. 
 It is only $38 a month. 
That is like giving up your Starbucks Double Mocha Latte Caramel Machiatto each day (Don't go asking for one of these, I just made it up). Can you give that up??? Now I know that may be a "Heck No" or other verbiage that would mean the same thing. I get it. I like my fun things too. 
But for us it is really just coffee……
for a little sweet girl on the other side of the world….
it means life.

so please consider sponsoring a child
Click on this link:
 and it will lead you straight to all the beautiful faces waiting for sponsorship.

The goal for this trip is to get 400 sweeties sponsored so let's do this!

You can follow along by visiting here:

and you can follow them on Twitter:

Thank you in advance for stepping out in faith and love.

Always being renewed,

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