February 28, 2012

Furniture mash-up preview

My son is a book-a-holic. I think the real term is bibliophile? Or maybe that means lover of bibliographies? No, Webster says bibliophile is a lover of books. Yes, that accurately describes my son.
He has amassed quite a collection of books for a soon to be 13 year old and his current bookshelf from Walmart, that is 9 years old, is no longer cutting the mustard. We have lost almost all the pins that hold the littlest shelves in place and his books now tend to get piled precariously on top of the bookcase instead of in it.

In a fit of cleaning frenzy I decided to put the bookshelf out of its misery and just get rid of it already. But when I removed the inner shelves I realized it actually was pretty sturdy, so now what? Keep it or throw it and kick myself because I had an amazing reposhturing idea later after it's gone!!  I truly think this is how hoarding gets started......Can I get a witness?

He also is in need of more drawer storage and I had two night tables left over from my bedroom that were not being used.

What to do with mis-matched furniture?  A furniture mash-up is in order.

Take a long hard look at your mismatched pieces...... and if you just turn one on its side......and maybe stack it on the nightstands......

You might get something that starts looking like a hutch! 

I wasn't so fond of the legs sticking on the left and the top so I got my jigsaw and got to work making the bookshelf look like a nice, boring rectangle. We'll jazz it up later. For now I needed to make it NOT look like a bookshelf turned on it's side.  
However, if you have ever cut particle board, you know it splinters the laminate the minute the blade hits the wood. So here are a few pointers to make it look good, and thus less work patching with wood filler.

Take painters tape, or masking tape, and tape it so the edge is where you want to cut. This also has the dual advantage of being your cutting guide for the jigsaw blade.
All taped up and ready to go...Notice how I don't have a photo of me actually jigsawing. That wouldn't be safe and we at RePoshture are all about safety here. No fingers were lost during the making of this tutorial, just blue hair....you'll see.

Gone in 60 seconds

From the top

Beautiful clean edge with no splintering of the laminate

Now because the raw particle board will not look good painted, fill in all raw edges with wood filler and sand well. Then prime.
Then paint....navy blue or whatever color you happen to fancy today.
Just need to jazz it up a bit and then I can post the reveal. 
Here is where I need to vent a bit. I have been looking for paper or fabric to add to the book shelf but am coming up with nothing! Everything is for girls! It is just like when you go shopping for clothes for your kids.......20,000 racks for girls, 2 for boys. Frustrating is what I say. I'm down but not out so I am plowing ahead and trying tho think outside the rectangular bookshelf. 

I have a few more thoughts in my head and then I'll give you a peek, cuz I love ya and I want all ya'll to go out and mash your furniture into something totally saved from the trash, useful and AWESOME! Much like yourselves!! 

Thank GOD shampoo takes out oil-based paint because if it didn't, I hate to think what paint thinner would have done to my already thin hair. My next picture might be a reveal of the new bald and beautiful me! So note to self- buy a shower cap and don't forget to wear it when spraying odd colors on your furniture!

Always being renewed,

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