April 5, 2012

Chocolate Cashmere Easter Bunnies

I try to make something for my kids Easter baskets every year, usually small and not too crazy involved since it is usually a time crunch. So I went up to my trusty sewing room and looked around.

Did you know that wool sweaters have a multitude of uses OTHER than wearing them? I have used them to make recycled sweater skirts and an up-cycled purse.

I had a cream colored and a chocolate colored cashmere sweater that I had already felted so they were ready to be sewn into a keepsake. The chocolate color got my mind (and my mouth) salivating with ideas.

White Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Cashmere Bunnies with a secret compartment....

  What could be more fun than having to search for your Easter basket on Easter morning and then finding there is still one more surprise!!

 The cream sweater had those great flower details down the front. Perfect for their little cotton tails.

I had to add some bling to the bunnies for the girls. After all when you ask your youngest what her favorite color is and she says "sparkle"....

The eggs were dyed using onion skins and beet juice. You can see how I dyed the eggs naturally here

A little trinket......

...hidden away to be discovered by little hands

simple sparkle, warm fuzzies, sweet love sewn in with each stitch

Who knew cashmere tasted so good?

Always being renewed,

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  1. Cute bunnies. Love the tails. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  2. Sweet bunnies! I love that you added a little trinket inside. Your girls will love them.
    I am starting a new series this week where I feature five of my favorite projects and I featured your bunnies. http://www.laughterandgrace.com/fabulous-five/

    Jennifer @ Laughter and Grace

  3. These are beyond beautiful and I love the top stitching. A small bunny like this would be so tricky to have to stitch on the wrong side, then turn right side out etc. The tail and bling are the perfect touch. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are very sweet! Wonderful Eye Candy!

  5. these are so sweet! makes me want to snuggle right up to them, knowing they're cashmere! so glad you shared them on center of attention sunday and hope you'll be back to visit!

  6. These are darling, just pinned them!


  7. I think they are darling~ Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  8. I love this! Hi I am a new follower from http://craftyhousemom.blogspot.com would love it if you visited


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