October 9, 2011

Upcycled purse

Round 2 of Crafting with the Stars Wallflowers and Crafting from the Sidelines:

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So because I was cooking all weekend and only had today to do the upcycled project, I had to look around the house for some inspiration. Here it goes:

3 old wool sweaters + old belt + old sheet = Purse?

No way!


Not only FUN but FUNctional!
And it is washable, just remove knotted straps and agitate on the delicate cycle

This is how it got did:
I felted the sweaters
Cut off the arms (ouch!) and neck to make the body
Cut out a lining and added pockets from the old sheet
Used an old braided belt for the straps
Sewed the bottom using sleeve section and a blanket stitch to make it look flirty and flared
Used the neck of the felted brown sweater to make a rosette and the cuff of the green felted sweater to make the leaves.

Upcycled...Way up!

I'm linking up to Round 2 of Crafting from The Sidelines being hosted at b3designs , the voting poll is on the right sidebar.

I get votes by clicking on my link so the more clicks the more votes.

Thanks so much for all of your support. IT has been great fun so far!

A vote for my purse is a vote for the earth! (Get it recycling!?!)

The Shabby Nest
Always being renewed,


  1. So cute! The inside is the best part!

  2. Oh my... this is so adorable! I'd proudly tote that sweetheart anywhere! Nicely done, Kim. :)



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