April 7, 2014

What The…."Rust"?

I think I may have found my secret jedi ingredient for making new things look old and rusty!

I saw two new silvery wire baskets at the thrift for $2.95 each. I almost passed them up because it was super crowded due to Senior Discount Day. Those seniors go crazy on Wednesdays! So it was more that a little difficult to get to the shelves on this day. But then I realized that big wire baskets don't come along every day, much like a good man, so you snap them up!

I took them down stairs to my secret lab and got to work. I really had no idea how I was going to make them look rusty. I could soak them in a vat of water for a year but i also have crafting ADHD so a year never cuts it.

Then I saw these:
and my jedi mind powers started to zen out and in until an image formed of rusty goodness and it just took about 20 minutes to create rust. I kinda felt like a rusty jedi/scientist but without a lab coat or a light saber……just a spray can and drop cloth.

This technique is all in the finger let me tell ya'!

Ok first lets see where we started:
spray two thin coats of the brown and let dry. No need to show you this because I know as my fell jedi's, you know what this would look like….

 Here is the secret finish…..Do not shake too well, let the red and the yellow inside the orange mix as it sprays. Then spit the orange on using a pulsing action with your finger on the spray can trigger.
Here it is straight on…..

and here you can see it from the side to show the spray pattern.  Rust is pitty, so it can't look uniform. By pressing really fast on the trigger and holding it close and then far away from the basket, you will get large and small blotches of orange paint. Some of it will even come out with a bit of yellow too which is good.
I layered the brown and the orange a few times to build up the finish so it looked more bumpy and therefore rusty and raised.

 The up close shows the detail better.

I can't show you how I am going to use the baskets yet but if  you concentrate really hard….
your jedi mind powers will become one with the DIY universe and you will foresee the future of the baskets…..
or you can just check back in a few days……
I say use your jedi mind powers but then again easy for me to say…I've already graduated from being padawan DIYer….

Always being renewed,

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  1. Such a good idea to snap these baskets up! I have been searching for wire baskets for months and shocked to see how expensive they are! Love the faux rust.

  2. WOW! I'm going to try this and link you back in my post!!! That looks amazing. ChicByTab

  3. that is crazy! how did i not know about this?

  4. Looks like real rust to me - how awesome!

  5. I just found an honest-to-goodness rusted basket at an estate sale on Sunday and hung it on a wall as a shelf. I can't wait to see what you do with yours! Your faux rust is very impressive and I will have to try that technique on a blue wire shelf. I found you from Coastal Charm but will stick around awhile!


  6. The force was definitely with you. I would have never guessed this was not real rust. Genius! Sharing at my party, you are such an original!

  7. Amazing faux rust !!!
    Had to keep staring at it with my nose pressed up against the screen - and it STILL looks like rust!!!
    Thanks for sharing - hopping over from REDOUX

  8. Hi there Kim! Who in the world would paint a perfectly lovely wire basket make it look all old and rusty? ME!!! I've tried many "rusting" techniques and this one looks so authentic. I can't wait to try this on a few metal piece of furniture I have lying around my garage. Thanks so much for sharing and Easter blessings to you. He is risen!

  9. Your Powers Amaze and this Post made me Smile O-B-One-Rust-Master!

    Happy Easter from the Arizona Desert... where REAL Rust is hard to come by in the Dryness!!! Dawn... The Bohemian

  10. Great technique! I love that it doesn't rub off onto the wall, hands, everything!


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