May 1, 2014

Ski Pole Lamp Take Two

Oh to be able to ski! I tried it once, got cocky and then got my skis plowed by a three year old so that ended my career on the slopes.

Now I just find skis and don't use them for what they are intended for! If this is your first time here, I found two sets of skis at the thrift store for $9 and made them into a tripod (quad pod actually since it does have 4 legs) floor lamp.

Awesome until your son's size 11's trip over a pole and end his career as a teenager. Did I say that out loud? But look at how embroidery hoops have saved the day. There not just for embroidery anymore! They really aren't! See how I used them to make a lamp shade.

 However after looking at this cock-eyed mess for a year, I finally decided to make it work.

I fine tuned my design and built a sturdier table lamp. Oh and I amputated a pole. Gah! 
It just sat better with three legs

By cutting out one side of the pole it laid more flat against the wood piece. Also using two screws instead of one kept it from rotating. I wish I had figured that one out the first time.

Which lamp do you like better... the long or the short of it?

This is also for sale at the Antiques Mall if your interested. Or email me if you like and I can ship it to ya'!

Always being renewed,

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  1. ha! funny how things work out sometimes- i love the new table lamp!

  2. Your lamp has always been one of my fave DIY projects. I love how you "saved" the original and did it again!

  3. These are both so darn clever. Oh yes, three legs looks much better and is more balanced. So creative!!


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