August 28, 2011

Sit N' Spin

We have been using a black folding chair as our computer  desk chair for 6 years now. That is also how patient I am about finding things I need...... okay want.  Most people who know me  know that I shop on a regular basis at the sidewalk shop. It is blocks long, lots of aisles and the merchandise changes weekly!

Well, one day as I was going to work, I spied this beauty from my passenger side window.  Nothing wrong with her at all but a bit of rust on the springs and absolutely no varnish at all left on her.

Sooooo, snuck her into the basement as my stellar feller has a one in, one out rule.....and asked her what she needed to feel good again. A nice microdermabrasion would feel great to smooth out the age spots, a spray tan in a nice ebony, a deep swedish massage with some high grade 10w-40 on the joints and some semi-gloss foundation will about finish off the makeover.

And now the big reveal......cover your eyes!

Wow, we hardly recognize her!!!

Will she keep up with her new makeover? We will have to check back with her in a few months and see how she is able to maintain these changes. I see a back pillow making it's way into her life.

Have fun sidewalk shopping and creating beauty from ashes!


Disclaimer:  Ebony spray tan is strictly meant for furniture makeovers... Plus it looks really unnatural on the human variety!


  1. Great choice on the Ebony color (it would look awful over my freckles!). The chair turned out beautiful and goes well with the desk. Wish I could find a keeper like that in the neighbors trash. I have a husband like yours also, even if it's free, he doesn't like "stuff cluttering up the house" or my unfinished projects hanging around. But I still find things to bring home and "work" on.

  2. Love your chair. I have one very similar...however, discovered after I bought her that it does not twirl up and down, just stays in the same position. Wish I could figure out how to fix that. (Currently I have put a cushion on it).

  3. Gorgeous! I have this exact same chair, it's painted black. I also have two others in a similar style. I love seeing these chairs with a second life!

  4. Gorgeous makeover!! I just found a similar chair in the four-leg variety.... Ebony stain huh?

  5. Thanks Ya'll for the kind comments!
    @ Claudia- Ebony by Minwax! It is very similar to the espresso finish that's goin around these days. (Oh, No,sounds like the flu!)

    Good luck with your chair!

  6. GREAT MAKEOVER. Every girl needs a little special attention now and then.


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