September 19, 2011

Future Chair love

I have been jonesin' for all things mid-century lately so I couldn't believe it when I found these chairs at various garage sales etc. for none more than a $10 dolla holla! I hope to get these done over the long, cold winter in Pittsburgh so then I can show you some serious before and afters. Just look at these mad men...

Love the lines of both of these bad boys!
 My crib/daybed is black with green cushions and robin's egg blue/green pillows. Love green so I might do some drop cloth slipcovers and then paint them in a pattern with green and then paint the frames black but I also find orange SUPER groovy but not sure if I can make that work with green. Okay is anyone else exhausted by that run-on sentence?

Any suggestions on color combinations?

Always being renewed,

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