September 4, 2011

The long and the short of it!

"I am going to make new curtains for my back kitchen!"

 (yes, I have a set of twins. Their names are back kitchen and front kitchen, and neither one plays well with the other, but more on that later) Mostly b/c I needed something cheery to take my mind off of the fact that it will probably be 2 more years before we can afford to renoventure the twins.

Found a stellar remnant with all the colors that are on my first floor and went to town.  A beautiful set of super cute cafe curtains emerges.

The Hubs: "Uhh, the neighbors can see us...."
Me: "So, we are really not that interesting"
The Hubs: "Yeeaahh, this isn't going to work." This is code for this time I'm not backing down from your crazy design schemes.
Me: "I'll turn it on it's side and that will make it longer!"

Except every time I look at it, it makes me cringe b/c now they are not full enough for my liking. HMMMMM, what to do?

I had some left over from the remnant that I was going to use over my other window. But how to make it look like I MEANT to do this????

Covered Buttons!!!

I had some beautiful orange fabric (a fav!) and covered 10 1" buttons.
Finish all of your raw edges and line up the two pieces, stripes here really helped!

With wrong sides together sew a button onto both sides at either end, one in the middle, and the other 2 between the end and the middle. It should look like this:
and this

Then hang them at the new height that pleases your hubby, because sometimes, when you please your hubby, it comes back to you tenfold!

I like them even better now because they have spunk, they do hide me when I come down in my PJ's and bedhead, and no one else has them.....yet.

What I have come to know:
It is hard to evaluate a situation and surrender to someone else's wishes, isn't it? Here's the thing, there are times when it is good and right to take a stand.  Civil rights? yes! Freedom of speech? Definitely!!

Curtains? Not so much. 

 I know my husband and I know that although I wanted to be finished with my curtains once they were up, he would be bothered by the neighbor's peeking at us all the time (I hate to admit that she does this and he is right! I think I just said he's right....) I would then resent him for being the way he is, and I do love him for who he is and is becoming still.

So sometimes surrender is a good thing and it breeds good will and a humble heart. And that is always good in a marriage.


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  1. Hey! I'm Up late cuz of being nocturnal lately and found your blog for the first time. I have to say, I love love love the curtain!! It looks so funky all put together with the buttons! Making me wish I had my own house to decorate! Currently I'm living w my folks cuz I am disabled and bed-ridden due to horrible case of fibromyalgia. But one day when I'm out of this bed, and have the energy to do all the fun projects I'd love to do, and have my own place to decorate, then I will probably use this nifty trick! Oh, and the four-legged tripod lamp too! LoL The lamp totally looks like it could be the real deal! You should make more and sell 'em on ETSY! I'd buy it if it was reasonably priced!
    New fan of your blog,


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