September 14, 2011

Wash Day

My favorite 3year old Tessa loves to clean. I often will find her in the bathroom  loading up a towel with water to "clean". I finally realized that is code for I am going to have huge mess fun and YOU get to "clean" it up!" So today after she had gone potty she said, "Oh, Oh, I fawgot to wass my hands!" so I let her wass her hands as she usually is good at it.  Got setting the table for dinner, aka reading a blog, and realized I had heard the water running for sometime now......

"What are you doin' Tess?"

"Wassin my hands and elbows"

open door slowly so water does not come crashing down on my head......

"Um, those are your feet"

Oh, who cares if you think your ankles are your elbows when ya' got a smile like that!

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