October 16, 2011

Fall Porch how-to's

I did two projects to help the front porch look her best. Our family name begins with "U" so I made an initial frame out of burlap, buttons, and upholstery tacks. I cut out a large U from a font I found online at the Graphics Fairy, modified it a bit and then traced it onto the burlap. Then using buttons in the white/cream family, filled in one side. I was not going to have enough to do both sides so I finished with the upholstery tacks. I love it even more than my original idea because there is so much texture in the composition.

                          Her Close-up

My pumpkins were peeling and a fright from lack of Poshness. So I grabbed the glam-in-a-can and got to work. The gold one was sprayed gold first then I used my rubbed bronze in short bursts to give it the splotches. Then stood back about 2 feet and sprayed the bronze like your supposed to to age it a little more. The butternut squash is layered with cream and silver to look more like a pearl finish although it looks more silver than is is in the picture. The brown is my favorite. I used Kona brown all over and then stood back about 2 feet again and lightly sprayed the gold.
What have you done for your porches to make them posh for Fall?
Do tell......

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