October 12, 2011

Junk Vision

It was a Monday evening and I was scanning my neighborhood for fresh junk using my son's night vision goggles as I usually do the night before trash day and and this transom window practically ambushed me. If I weren't so alert to the dangers of night junking I would have been sniped. However my lightning fast reflexes jammed on the brakes, sent the purse to the floor for some cover and I slammed it into park, with the motor idling, of course, b/c some people are put off by junking (never the night vision glasses and army fatigues) and therefore a quick get-away is a must.

I was thinking this might take the place of my curtain debacle in my kitchen over the sink but when I got the window home it was too long so that idea had to go quietly back into the night. But as luck would have it, I was in Ross Dress for Less, because clothes are not something you should really trash pick, and found those words, you know, you can use on your wall? A hazy vision began to form...and then became clearer and then the happy feet started goin and I knew my mission.



 Mission accomplished!

Sometimes good stuff is simple
  As simple as having a vision of how two things can be paired into one creation.

 So Junk soldiers, your challenge this week if you choose to accept it, is to find two things and pair them up into one new creation. Anything goes. Send me pics via email and I would love to share them. You have a week to complete your mission.
It's Go Time women!

Always being renewed,

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