January 2, 2012

New Year, BIG ideas

Happy New year Everyone!  I hope everyone survived the holidays intact and more in love with their family than before. After all, isn't what the holidays are about? We spent many a night telling stories about the fam and at least once or twice I came dangerously close to shooting soda out of my nose. I won't post those pictures, you'll thank me later. I was very busy over the Christmas break. My days all seemed to go like this: Cook, clean, repeat. Kinda like the directions on shampoo but without the bubbles.

I am a bit tired but well fed as the scale never ceases to remind me. So of course that will be my first New Year's ambition. Not resolution because I am not resolute about losing weight. Resolute means determined and I go about it very casually. Which explains why the last 5 pounds of baby weight don't seem to go anywhere but truthfully, I am learning that those 5 pounds are really a badge of honor.  I mean, honestly, when you push out 3 bowling balls, you deserve to wear a bit of cushion proudly.

Enough about the weight gain and more about how great my hubby is! I am currently typing this post on a brand new MAC Book Pro! He heard my cries of woe, and maybe a few fist punches on  the desk due to the slowness of our old computer every time I tried to edit a photo or write a post. He heard and delivered. Holy Mac Pro, Batman, is this fast! I. am. in. love.....with my husband and a little with my MAC (there I said it)!

Also, please say a prayer for me as I embark on a new adventure. I think I may have stumbled into the furniture design business. I always have trouble falling to sleep because I have a hard time shutting off my ideas. Anyone else do this? Thank you every woman on the face of the earth. I love mid-century design but have yet to find one for our TV. Well, as usual when I need something that I can't find, I start thinking (my husband usually says that is dangerous) and I came up with an idea. My BIL is currently making a prototype of the TV stand and hopefully if it sells well, I will have birthed a furniture company. At least it isn't another bowling ball.

Always being renewed,

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