March 27, 2012

Black Side table tutorial

Realized that I had not done a tutorial on how I added the burlap to the little black side table I rescued. You can also see my tutorial on adding fabric to a table top here. Super easy the only problem is that I hadn't taken any pictures! But I had another table at home that was also a roadside rescue that would look just as great with the same treatment so I worked on it today and here it is!



I used Behr Black Onyx semi-gloss paint to refinish this girl and Rustoleum brass spray paint for the hardware. I had the burlap already.

Here is how I did it using my cute little side table as my model.

You'll need 180 grit sandpaper, paintbrush, painters tape, Mod Podge, and black paint

Take your measurements and cut your burlap to size. Dry fit it on the table.

Once the burlap fits well, put a thick coat of Mod Podge on the table top.

Fold your burlap and starting at the top smooth it down from the middle out and top down.

Those creases will work themselves out and just keep pressing on them as it dries.

Wait until this dries before adding your top coats or your burlap might move. I put on three top coats. Lightly sand in between using 180 grit sandpaper. 

Do not worry about those stray threads until you are all done with your top coats. Then cut them. If you cut them before you have sealed the burlap, it will unravel. 

Now tape your edges and press the inside edge down firmly.

Add your inside rectangle. I just eyeballed this. Press the outside edge down firmly.

Super cute distraction!! How can you resist?!?

Using the same paint as the body of your piece, paint inside the tape.

The reason you do this after the topcoats and not before is because it limits the bleed under the taped edge   

My model table finished! 

My roadside rescue redone

So Recap: Before...


What do you think?

Always being renewed,


  1. I absolutely love this!!!! I'm going to try it! :)

  2. Great transformation, and very creative!

  3. I love it when people do something I never would have thought of myself--and this is definitely one of them! Now I'm going to be looking for a table I can put burlap on--what a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I LOVE how this turned out!! So what am I missing... the top looks like it is sunken... then all of a sudden it is not. Hmmmm..... :)

  5. You are not seeing double, I had to use a "model" table as I forgot to take pictures of the original!

  6. A-freakin-dorable...


  7. I like it A LOT! I'm going to have to try it!!


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