February 5, 2012

Little Black...Side Table

I am finally standing upright but still stiff so it has been a little slow going. But I did manage to get the little table re-posh-ulated, which by my definition means re-thunk into many poshibilities until it finally looked just right!

Here she is before

And here she is reposhed.....

Just like this little table we often try on different looks to see which one is us. We often look around us and "try on" other people personnas or try to mimic other personalities because we don't feel like ours is good enough. 

I used to think that my over the top personality needed to be toned down and I shouldn't be so out there. Why? Because I'd get "the look". Ya' know that look. The look that says "wow, she is so different from me or so loud" or so _______ fill in what you have felt here.

Maybe that person looking at me was thinking they needed to be more over the top or maybe they wished they could be more outgoing. Or maybe they truly thought I was obnoxious. I can be sometimes. But I now know that my personality has also been a blessing to others so I can;t worry about those people that don't "get" me. They are still trying to "get" themselves which explains the confused look on their faces, I think......

I would say, why don't we put that much energy into developing ourselves JUST the way we are!?! Why do we think that everybody else has something better than what God gave us? I think if we spent more time looking at ourselves and developing all of the good stuff God gave us, we would realize that we don't need what others have, we already got it in full measure. Stop hiding behind envy and discover yourself. 

You are your own unique blend of beauty, humor, and grace. 
Live it Loud 

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  1. Hi Kim! I really like what you've done to this little side table! I'm working on a similar one right now... I tried to put fabric on top but it didn't work out. I think I'll go with chalkboard paint next...I hope it works! I enjoyed reading your blog, and I'm a new follower!

  2. It's darling~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

  3. So Classic and beautiful!! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing this amazing transformation today!

  4. Stopping by via Passionately Perfect, your table jumped out at me, what an amazing transformation! I love the added burlap:) I would love if you would share it at my cheap finds and transfomations party, I'm sure it'll be a hit. Thanks for sharing with us. In case you're interested, here's the link:) Have a blessed week! http://www.thescottscrib.com/2012/01/lathrifta-strikes-gold-lathriftas-cheap.html


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