March 26, 2012

Sunday morning visitor

It's Sunday morning. I am laying on the couch because my son generously shared his common cold with me and I feel lousy. Can't breathe, coughing, feel bad for me yet? The ugly blue bathrobe might push you over the edge into the sympathy realm.


Kids go see who is ringing my doorbell on a Sunday morning at 9:30am after I haven't slept all night. I am not a very christian person when I haven't slept. Ask my husband. He knows all too well.

My son creeps around the corner to tell me it apparently requires my attention because it is a complete stranger.

Meter reading on Sunday mornings? That's just not right.

No. Instead a sweet little middle aged woman is standing there, looking expectantly at me. This lovely woman explained that she just had to stop and could she take a picture of my framed initial that I have hanging beside my door. Shut the front door!...literally, it was cold out, thank goodness I was wearing that robe.

 Really? I felt terrible that I had silently cursed her not 10 seconds ago!

So there I am on the front porch, in my bathrobe, hair wiggin, nose running, casuall  explaining to her how I did it.

Are the buttons glued or sewn on? Just glued.

Did I use cardboard or foam core? Just old cardboard although now I think I need to change it into foam core as I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion.

Upholstery tacks? Yes  plain old upholstery tacks and burlap.

Yes, very easy had everything on hand.
No, No, you didn't catch me at a bad time. Thanks so much for stopping.

I should have directed her to my blog and then she could have seen the tutorial on it. Thought of that one too late. Do you think she would think it odd, or desperate, of me to have ran down the street after her with my card?

Always being renewed,

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