December 2, 2012

2012 Ornament Swap with Tutus and Tea Parties

Hi Y'all! I had the great privilege of participating in an Ornament swap put on by  Lauren at Tutus and Teaparties this year and it was my first time ding something like this. All you had to do was sign up and then Lauren would match you with someone. The criteria was that the ornament cost less than $5 to make (not including shipping). So stinkin' fun, especially for a frugal gal like me! My partner unexpectedly had to cancel so I was without a partner but Lauren came through and guess what? I got to swap with her mom! How cool is her mom! I found out that Susan like to garden and knit so I set about making an ornament that she would enjoy. I told her I like cozy sweaters and I am a rusty, vintagy kind of girl.

Since she likes gardening I thought I would make a bell out of a mini terra cotta pot.
You need a pot, a bell tied onto some ribbon, and a bead tied onto some ribbon.

Thread the bell through the top first

then thread the bead through.

Tie the ribbon into a bow

Knot the beaded string so it will hang. Now get your Sharpie pens and start decorating!

I added a few dots of crystal glitter glue

I wrote a little note to include in the package and off it went!

Oh!!!I got mine in the mail a few days later. 

Can you stand the suspense!?!

Oh my gosh! This is so stinkin' cute! Susan knitted me a fine holiday sweater. 

And she sent me this beautiful vintage Christmas ball.

Thank you Susan. You are the best ornament swap partner. 

Please head on over to see all the different ornaments that were made and swapped!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kim. My mom loves her ornament. :) So glad you love yours too. Totally asked her to knit me one for Christmas too! Lol. Hope to have you back for next year.


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