December 7, 2012

Go Tell it on the Mountains!

Hello my sweet, lovely, FEARLESS women! Yes, today is No Fear Friday, where you can lay your burdens down and get a Pick Me Up from the Lord! He is so good, in so many ways.

When was the last time you told someone how good Jesus has been in your life? Sometimes in all the bustle of life we don't stop to think about the daily miracles that He speaks into our lives.

I woke up this morning. That is a minute-by-minute miracle.

He numbers my days and only He knows when my last breath will be. When I stop to remember that I usually have a more calm and productive day.  If it were my last day, would I want it to be a day where I lived in fear? Heck NO!

 A place to start  realizing God's miracles in your day is to write it down! Start small, like I have a house, food, all of the obvious goodness He bestows. As you exhaust what will seem like obvious goodness, you will have to search deeper to what we think is less obvious but really it will be more rooted in God's goodness woven in His creativity for your life then you ever thought possible.

So once I have my list, wouldn't I want to tell others about the goodness of the Lord? Heck YES! Because really, if the Lord has blessed you, why are we afraid to tell someone? We tell everyone we know about the awesome bargain that we got at Sam's club? Now really, will the 20 rolls of toilet paper for $2.00 change someones life?  I think I can safely say no on that one.  Will being introduced to a saving knowledge of Christ change their entire life and more importantly, their life in eternity?


The fear of telling someone about the Lord is a fear of not being like everyone else, being called a Jesus Freak or worse. Really it is just plain fear of rejection. Being rejected is being told we are not good enough, not worth hearing, not worth anything.

The Lord has helped me overcome my fear of rejection in small steps. It started with Him making sure that I know my faith. That is the foundation of overcoming any fear. Know what you know! He had people come into my life that have made me have to tackle hard questions and find well-reasoned answers. If you don't know, go find out. Do not be afraid to say, "I don't know all the answers, but I will find out for you if I can." But make sure you find the answer if you can, it benefits you and ultimately them when you pursue the truth.

Ask people if you can pray fro them. This is a great one to open the lines of communication to the others about Christ.  Someone will usually come into my office and start to complain about something. I listen and then I try to find an opportunity to say "How can I pray for you in this?" I have never had anyone say "don't bother praying for me". They are a bit shocked sometimes but ultimately I get a prayer request from them and then I pray about it.  Guess what? God shows up and they will then come into my office, days or weeks later and say "Man, have you really been praying!" and they will proceed to tell me how the situation has changed.

Guess what again? They will now ask me to pray about another situation that has been weighing on them. As I pray for them, I pray that the Lord will provide times when we can go deeper in conversation about Him.

He always obliges.
And a thread of trust begins to form with that person and more of their hurts and life begin to come out and afford more things for me to pray about. That is when I usually ask to pray WITH them. These are my most precious times when I can participate in prayer with someone struggling. I love to pray for people, but there is something intimate about praying WITH someone. I think because when we pray we are put into deep communion with the Lord at that moment. By praying with someone, you have helped intimately link their arm through the Lord's and have started a lifeline to the Savior.

He asks us to participate in telling others about Him because the miracle is not just for the other person. He will work a mighty miracle in your life just because you faced that fear and spoke up for Him.
He will more than be capable of taking care of the rest for that person, but do not be afraid to be the person that starts to thread the needle.  He guides the needle and thread and will make a beautiful piece of artwork with your life.

My challenge to you this season is to start the thread. Study your bible first and foremost. Get into a Bible study if you don't know how to study the bible. Check with churches to find out what is available.

Then ask God for opportunities to tell someone something about what the Lord has done in your life. Ask Him to make you aware of the opportunity (sometimes I was a bit dense in the beginning) when it comes up!

Then pray. Pray for to overcome your own fears. Pray for open hearts to receive.


And so continues the tapestry God is weaving to spread His Son Jesus through out the world.

Always being renewed,

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  1. Amen! You rock, sister! I thank you for all of your prayers, you are truly helping make the world a better place!


  2. I wrote you the first time when you began fearless fridays and shared about my recurrent struggle with panic and anxiety. I just want to share the victory that I've experienced. It has been quite a process of taking every thought captive, filling with the word, having friends to share with, cry with and pray with. This last weekend there was a moment, a turning, a breakthrough and joy that was divine.

    I attended the women's ornament exchange. I didn't expect much--just the chance to connect with some ladies since I'm fairly new to this church. After some carols, a couple ladies got up to share. One woman, younger than myself, told of how 4 years ago her husband was in a dirt bike accident causing him to linger in a coma for a month before he died. She said she felt like two people. To one side was all darkness and from the other she heard the truths she's learned over the years but they didn't seem to be real. (Yes. I agreed) But then she said something that really resonated in my heart. She said, "There was darkness and sadness but He was there with me. Without him there was only darkness." Amen! Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death you are with me.

    This week has not been perfect. I still have tears well up and flow over---but He is WITH me and I've experienced a new level of freedom. I was hesitant to put it in words to anyone because I didn't want it to turn out to be temporary but I'm not afraid of being afraid! That sounds silly but it is miraculous and life changing.

    He truly desires us to be free and he has the power to accomplish it. Hallelujah!

  3. Amen, amen amen!! You are a soldier for the Lord, thank you for a wonderful post...and for letting the lord speak through you!
    Also thank you for coming by and seeing my recent post too!

    Blessings and Hugs,



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