March 29, 2013

Now that's a Spicy Meat-a-ball!

Hi y'all! What a week. I havn't been posting as much becasue work has been crazy and I am just plain exhausted when I come home. So I do what needs to be done and blogging isn't always at the top of the list. In fact it is ususally about 4th or 5th on the list. Just got caught up on the laundry so I am feeling pretty good about myself!

I did do a small project about a week ago that not only was easy but helped me finally have access to my spices. I am a short girl, only 5' 4" and my spices sit in a cabinet that is about 6' high. I always had to get my daughter's stool to see what I had and frankly I was getting more thatn a little annoyed by this.

Sometimes a solution presents itself when you are not even looking. I was at the Dollar Store, looking for who knows what, and happened upon some little spice jars. Snatched up 12 of them and started to dream up a spice rack from whatever I had at home to house them.

Pallet Wood! You know I have tons laying around so I got to work building myself a rustic spice box.

This only took me about 30 minutes to build the box. Then I begged and pleaded with my sweet friend and neighbor, Amy, to come up and hand write the labels because my handwriting is atrocious and hers is stellar.
I have them in alphabetical order so they are not only easy to find but now eeee-zzzz to reach!

So here's the skinny on how to make YOUR spice box:
old pallet wood, sanded well on all sides
wood glue
1" finishing nails
hand vice
spice jars
miter saw
Start by laying out your spice jars to see how you wide you need the box to be. I have mine in two rows but you may want them in a single row. Just cut you bottom piece according to how you want them arranged. Leave a little room on all sides of the jars for easy removal. I forgot to take a picture of this so sorry bout that. 

Add glue and then nail you front and back pieces to the bottom piece. 
Now old pallet wood is a little wonky at times so you may or may not need the hand clamp to hold you side pieces square.
 I needed it.
 After getting you sides square, NOW take you end pieces and measure them precisely and then cut to length. Don't cut them to length until you have these three pieces assembled or they will be too long. Add wood glue.

Nail in place.

Marvel at your bad self! If you want your labels to peek up over the edge so it is even easier to see, you can do two things. The smart thing would have been for me to rip all of the wood sides in half and that way I wouldn't have to worry about that. Since I did not plan well, you can just add a piece of wood to the inside and then add you spice jars as you sing Josh Grobin's "You raise me up..."

Or not.

This cost me $12 which was just the cost of the jars. So see what you've got laying around the house first before just going out and buying what you need. 

You might be surprised at what you come up with when challenged to use what ya' got!

Always being renewed,

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  1. Cute idea. I think I need to head to the Dollar Store! Wishing you a blessed Easter from Still Woods Farmhouse!


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