May 19, 2014

Lucketts Vintage Spring Market

Yes, I finally got to the Lucketts Spring Market and it was worth the wait! It was kinda a last minute thing and I kept himming and hawing about going and finally my husband just booked a hotel room for me and said "You're going!" 

I love him.

I felt guilty for about a second for going all by myself but it was just what I needed. I could look around at things for as long as I like and go back three times to the same piece if I wanted…..

and I had the best crab cake sandwich. 
I ate it too fast to even snag a picture of it. 
I don't feel guilty about that one at all.

But I know you don't want to hear about my gastric ruminations. The highlight of my day was meeting Cassie from Primitive and Proper. We like to comment and email each other and trade jaunty banter. She is good at it. Me not so much but she forces me to up my game. 
I look like a complete dweeb in our picture but I am totally owning it (at least I sucked in my stomach for the photo….)
I was so star struck that I walked away from the Sweet Clover tent without looking at a thing….Luckily Cassie didn't act like she didn't know me when I stopped back for a look-see. Cassie is gracious and as cute and pretty as she looks here. 
I look exactly like this most of the time.

But now I will show you some fun vignettes I found inspiring and then I'll show you some more dorky photos of me and what I purchased!
The scene on the left of the ticket booth...

Buggy on the right of the ticket booth. Both were filled with great vintage finds that hinted at all the goodness inside the gates.

I loved this booth. It was so pretty and was designed by Just Vintage Rentals. They rent all of these items for vintage inspired weddings!

If I could have figured out a way to get one of these home…. These were at the East Coast Trading Company.

Sunday is a great day to go since it is much less crowded and many dealers are willing to, well, deal. It was so rainy on Saturday that the hay was a must. I was totally digging the black and white dresser…and the cute little gentleman too!

Are you sensing a automobile theme? Oh how I miss my truck. *Sigh*
 I also loved the turquoise bike and the flatbed that was made into a bed. The parasol makes it doesn't it?

I loved this dresser from the moment I laid eyes it.

So many dealers had great ideas for displaying their items.
I know this is a crazy picture but I couldn't get over how this dovetailing was constructed. I have never seen this done before. Gorgeous workmanship.

For some reason I really liked this trellis.
Ok, want to see what I bought?
I loves me some rusty goodness

A new letter A for my initial wall. IT is red-hot just like my man. I put it under the license plate. My husband was born in Ohio in 1967. Thought that was a cool find from Rogers Sale, another great market held every Friday in Rogers, OH.

 Ok, the next pictures are meant to showcase the pretty, jaunty bag that I bought from one of the Sweet Clover vendors. I find it totally awkward taking pictures of myself, hence the biting of the lip.
Anyone else go to Lucketts? 
Anyone up for a road trip next year? 
I promise to embarrass you completely by being seen with me.
It'll be great fun!

Always being renewed,

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  1. EEEK! it was so great meeting you! wasn't that arrow supposed to be pointing to my zit and saying "CRAZY BIG ZIT!"? ;) i wish we could get together more often- we would have a blast! i love your finds and you!!!! and you are teeny and adorable, so just own it.

  2. Loved your pics. I had to miss it this year. My sister got married. I should have told her about Lucketts ;) but I hope to meet you next year :)


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