May 28, 2014

I'm jumping on the arrow bandwagon!

Yes, I am trending….but my trend wagon seems to be a bit behind. I don't usually jump on trends because I don't think they last (um, hence the word trend) and when they go out of style, they really go fast. And they don't hold up over the years. But for some reason I got this little 50's style desk and it said "Arrows" to me. Too bad she didn't speak up until I had blundered through my original makeover.   
Here she is when I got her and she sat in the garage for about a month of Sundays. She was missing one stinkin' knob! But I asked you lovely readers for suggestions and Julie Workman came up with a brilliant plan to make the over the knee drawer a single pull. Thank you Ju-lay!
Here she is sanded down. 
 Boy did I screw this one up…..I had stained the drawers black thinking it would look great as a black and white piece. The stain settled in the veins of the wood way more than the rest of the wood and looked like a zebra. Now that's  trend I am not down with.  I had to strip the drawers about 3 times and then sand the heck out of them to get them back to where I wanted them. Then I told my husband to hide the stain from me since I can't be trusted. While I was wrestling with removing the stain, I was racking my brain to come up with something unique for this little desk. That's when she finally said "how's about some arrows?"
Well, arrows it was. Imight have gone a little crazy with the arrows. But you get the point…..Bwahaha,  I couldn't let that one fly by……oh please stop me! 
Okay, on to the pretty pics and fun staging items!

And now for some of the closeups of all my arrows...

This was my favorite arrow style I think

 Each arrow had a little bit of gold somewhere in it and some color.


I used a pencil to draw the arrows first then filled them in with paint in gold, tangerine, aqua blue, and retro green. Then I outlined them using a Sharpie oil-based marker and a ruler. Once dry, I sealed it with two-coats of Polycrylic and called it a day.

I am still deciding if I want to add a bulls eye cork board behind it. 
What say you?
And what was your favorite arrow?

Always being renewed,

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  1. holy slam dunk!!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this! can i be on your bandwagon?

  2. Yes! Such a great minimal paint detail that lends so much to the piece!

  3. One of my favorite desks I have EVER SEEN! No joke! I couldn't not love I human baby more than I love this desk!

  4. I LOVE this desk! Awesome interpretation of the "arrow" trend! My favorite is the one on the knee drawer. :)

    ~ Ashley

  5. Absolute perfection!! It is so awesome. You are so creative, Kim!

  6. You have so much talent! I would never think to put the arrows on it. I have to say, I am not an arrow type of girl, but your arrows don't even resemble the trendy arrows. Yours are just COOL! I was cringing at the staining and then stripping again story. You have much patience! And it definitely paid off. Thank you so much for sharing!


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