November 3, 2014

The Studio, the pics

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I talked about the shop about 2 weeks ago when I first got the keys, now I want to show you what it looks like! I have never had this much space so I am a bit giddy with organization.

There is a little bit of sprucing up to do but I kinda like its warehouse/workshop feel so I think I am going to keep it rustic and raw and let the furniture and other items have center stage. That is not to say that the paneling is not going to get painted…..but right now I am going to work out of the workshop area and do the creative workshops/painting classes in the workshop area and display on the more open storefront side. I like the flexibility that the openness affords and I can serve food there during the classes and shopping events. The smaller front storefront will be storage for right now. I am looking to get someone in there possibly that needs a workspace or display space as well that will be compatible with my vision and aesthetic so if you know anyone!

The owner was a smoker so all of the ceiling tile is yellow. I am thinking I will probably have to paint the ceiling tile but I am in denial on that one. So lets have a look shall we?

Store Front #1, the divided space

yes, the gentleman loved paneling and dropped ceilings. This used to be a hotel so it is a shame that he dropped the ceilings so low. I peeked up into the ceiling and there are some cool light fixtures and amazing details hidden.  I understand he probably didn't want to pay to heat all of that space but I am a restorationist and dropped ceilings just don;t cut it when you have amazing architecture that they are hiding.

This huge cabinet got moved to the back workspace and it made a big difference in how open this side looks. This storefront used to be his office and his computerized printing area.

 I actually like this tile if it was in better shape. Maybe going to paint it….

Looking into the back workspace

This is the walkway that joins the two storefronts…and leads to the only bathroom. This is a critical pathway and one that must be protected!!! 

Storefront #2, the open space

This was the side that had his huge printing presses! The floor is worn away from where he used to walk back and forth so much. I love history and the stories behind the patina a little bit, can you tell?

There is ink stains on the pole and on the floor there on the left. It is coming up pretty well with scrapers and elbow grease. 

loads of shelving for future merchandising and or paint retail

Great windows on both storefronts

So now I ask you…Any ideas how to cover up the ceiling tiles or be creative with making them look better?
I already have an idea for the ugly lights but those tiles just make me go "ick".
Any and all ideas welcome!!!!

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Always being renewed,

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  1. so excited for you to make this your own!

  2. I would be swooning with happiness over so much space, too, Kim. I'm so thrilled and excited for you. Maybe you can paint the ceiling with a professional sprayer - the kind that sucks paint from a five gallon bucket? I wonder if you'd need to use a special stain blocking paint on that nicotine. It's really fun to see your space, and I'm looking forward to following everything you do here.

  3. I have painted ceiling tiles like those before, with the same stains, and let me tell you, they DRINK paint. I would recommend finding some new tiles, OR, do some of them new, and cover some with stapled-on fabric. Thin, but colorful works great. If the fabric is too light-colored, the tile shows through.

    Congratulations on your new space!

  4. Your new place is huge -- how exciting! If the tile in the first storefront is ceramic, I vote for you to keep it! I love it and its hotel story. You can always hide the bad areas with furniture or rugs. Later, you could look at reproduction tile if it bothered you. Congratulations! I look forward to your updates. :)

    1. Thanks Paige! It is so nice to have space to work. Now I just need to fill it up!


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