June 14, 2012

Little Clay People

Today I am going to highlight some cute clay creations my middle bean and littlest bean created! I love it when my kids  create things (who doesn't) and I thought it would be great to highlight when kids create.

So I try to have my kids NOT watch TV first thing in the mornings, especially all summer long. So the previous night I told the girls, ('cuz ya' know the 13 year old boy isn't waking up early during summer vacation), "You're not waking up every morning and watching TV. Do something creative or play quietly in your room". There, I felt like I had created an atmosphere where I might get a few extra ZZZZZ's in the a.m.

Well, who knew how this would take off! I came down about 20 minutes after I heard the girls get up and pitter patter downstairs. I made my coffee and mosied into the DR to see what the girls were doing.

To say that clay was everywhere was an understatement but I was so amazed at how cute the little clay people were I didn't really care. Although I was also amazed at how they did manage to get so much said clay everywhere in 20 minutes.

Then Izzy asked "are you gonna put these on the blog?"  Well......Yeah!?!

Her face lit up!

And then Tessa thought this sounded super great as well and started clapping her hands and saying 'She's going to put it on the blog!"........."What's a blog?" and my face lit up and I think coffee might have come out my nose a bit but I am not sure.

So you can stop holding your breath, here are the pictures and a small tutorial because after all, they are small people! Here's the story she told me as we took the pictures......

" Four friends got together and decided to take a trip....Hazel, Betty, Margaret, and Martha" I added the names because it made her laugh and I really like making her laugh. 
"So they take off to NYC! See the Empire State Building? And the tree by that building?"

"And you can't go to NYC without taking a cab or a Limo!" (Really? I never took a limo in NYC)  I suppose I should be glad they didn't decide to make the Subway System!

"And this is the M & M Store! 'Cuz that was my favorite place!"

I asked her to make all the pieces so I could photograph them and then she could put it together picture by picture. So this will become Granny. Izzy thought it would be funny to have "Granny" accompany Hazel and company to NYC. 
Dress, Head, Hair, Arms, and Feet

Roll dress clay into a round pyramid shape, add detail if you like.
Put head on top

 Put hair on top

 Add the arms, shorten them if you need to

Add the feet on the bottom. Pretty simple tutorial.
Now I said shouldn't the feet be the same size, she said "it doesn't matter, Don't worry"  Gosh darn it.
She was right!
Tessa and Izzy played with these little people for 4 hours! Now that I love and I felt like we beat the Cable beast for a bit. (Insert loud, evil triumphant laugh here)

Sometimes adults complicate things. We could learn a few things from them there kids.

Always being renewed,

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  1. What a sweet afternoon of creating and playing ... my boys made a big clay volcano ... not NEARLY as cute as your little clay people! Thanks for sharing these at the {what's shakin' link party}!


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