July 28, 2012

Masking Tape Mirror

When I first started blogging, I was trying to do everything ( crafts, furniture, etc) and had entered a contest called Crafting with the Stars.   You are paired with another  bigger who is "famous" as your mentor and there are weekly challenges, until you get voted off. Since I didn't make it with my PVC light challenge (really? they picked three contestants that had ALL made recycled wood signs. But I am not bitter. I'm just sayin'). So for those of us who didn't make it they made another challenge called "Crafting from the Sidelines" and I entered this mirror.

It is still one of my most favorite things cuz it is freakin' original... and fantastic!

and not a wood sign.

Just sayin'.

Read on.....while I attend a therapy session for bitter crafters who need an intervention ('cuz this didn't win either, a knock off of a painted rug won.......just sayin')

Knock it off baby! We need to find something that we really like but wouldn't pay for it. Then show everyone how we made it by our little ol' selves.  Here is my entry for the Crafting from the Sidelines Knock Off challenge.   I was in Nashville when I found out this was due on Monday, Oct. 3rd. SO I was a bit under the glue gun so to speak, to get er' done. I had to scour the Internet because I had no reading material to speak of, unless you count the hotel menus, so to Z Gallerie website I went a visitin.

So many cool things to covet. I know the Word says thou shalt not covet, which is why in general I stay away from those sites. But today I was going to make something that would look like $145 but only cost me $12! So here is the Knock off  Phoenix Mirror by Z Gallerie. You can go to the website to see it in detail.

And here is mine knockin' it's block off!

Here's how it went down:

You will need:
-10" round mirror
-20 gauge floral wire (3 sets of 30)
-1 roll of 1.5 masking tape
-Silver and gold spray paint
( I started with just silver and added the gold when I realized it needed to look more Champagne finish than silver finish)
-small fake bead necklace, like one used for dress up
(I did not have this in the photo as I added this detail later after looking at the Z Gallerie mirror reeeaaalllllyyy close)
-Only 3 hours to make and assemble!! Does not include the drying time for the glue

Roll out tape to 15 inches and cut lay wire as shown

Cover with another 15" piece of tape. Press along the entire length very firmly to keep together and show wire well

Now cut into two pieces.
Now make 20 more of the singles then cut in two and you will have 40 individual "leaves"

Now do the same thing but make them 9" long. You will make 20 sets as well. This only took me 1 hour to do all 80 leaves so just get some good music on, some wine and then get an assembly line goin'. Although be careful, wine might make your leaves look a little screwy after glass #2. At least it does for me.

Cut all of the leaves like this and then spray paint both sides. Do the Silver first and then add the gold over top lightly until you get the Champagne look.

Make a paper circle 1/4" smaller than you circle diameter. Mine is 10" so I made the circle 9.75 inches.
Tape it in place underneath the circle very well and spray paint with silver and gold like the leaves.

Make a template like above. There is a circle at 10" and at 14" from the circle center

Now smoke a good cigar so you can use the case to roll your leaves. I am just kidding, a test tube will work in a pinch as well (cuz' we all got test tubes lyin' around the house, no?).

Roll the large leaves down to 10"

Roll the small leaves down to 6"

Glue one small on top of one large using the template as your guide for placement. You should have 40 sets of double leaves. I also cut off the excess wire so there would not be too much bulk behind the mirror.

Cut out two cardboard circles the size of the mirror. Set one aside and use the other to glue your leaves onto. I ended up using 18 on each half of the mirror. I hot glued them in place once I liked how they were spaced 

Use two of the discarded wire to make a hanger

Make two holes in the cardboard and thread the ends from the back of the circle. Twist and tape down. If you do not do this step the wires WILL scratch your mirror.

My favorite glue. Generously apply this to the circle with the leaves attached and then glue the other cardboard circle on top. Place more glue on your circle and place mirror on it and  place heavy object on it to weigh it down.   Wait 24 hours.  In the mean time spray paint beaded necklace with same Champagne treatment and let dry. You can now hot glue the necklace around the mirror. 
This is it drying...... and drying........... and drying........ and d..r..y..i..n..g.....ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wake up refreshed and
hang this Knock out Knock off on your wall in some fabulous place that everyone will look at say
"Ooooooh, Aaaaaaah" (My bedroom DOES NOT make people say OOOh, and AAAh. It is so sad to look at so this mirror is making it feel a bit more snappy)

Hanging in my Bedroom b/c I needed something over the bed more than over the mantel in my LR. I like both  though. See this mirror is so versatile!

" Is that a Z Gallerie Mirror you have there?" "I've always wanted one of those but could never afford it."
Well, now you can.

Always being renewed,


  1. Well, I gotta tell ya, I like your interpretation better than the original! No comment about the challenges you didn't win, but in MY opinion (and you know what that is worth, lol), you did a great job with this project, I love it.

  2. Ambitious AND well done! I would never have considered something like this, and I consider myself pretty crafty. You're amazing! It looks great.

  3. That is so amazing! How creative!!!! I can't believe you didn't win.


  4. 2 words for you: HOLE-EE CRAP! You nailed it. And that kicks a wooden sign's butt all over the place (just sayin!) :D I can't believe you came up with that. It is fabulous! I originally saw your link over on Hometalk, so I thought I would come here to get the inside scoop.. glad I did!

  5. wish I could have used pin it, this is great!

  6. Thank you so much--this is gorgeous! And I need for above my bed also-I made a perfect headboard (for me anyway!)last winter and I have been looking for a mirror like this but inexpensive--perfect!!! It's supposed to rain here again all weekend--so I will try this--thanks again!

  7. I do a lot of crafts but have never seen anything like this before. You did a fantastic job. This is coming from a very critical crafting person. You should be very proud. Your detail is amazing.

  8. I love what you did! Trying to make things for less really stirs up the creativity! Gotta book mark this in case I want to make one! You could put a clock in the middle rather than a mirror too!

    I assume the first step used the whole bag of 3 wires? Looks like some beads or something round where the mirror meets the leaves, what is that and how did you attach it.

    1. Actually I had quite a few wires left but that may differ depending on how long you make you leaves. THe beads war an old pink dress up necklace that I spray painted the champagne color and then attached with hot glue.

  9. Impressive! This mirror is looking really fine. It’s nice to know that you were able to create a masterpiece like this with just the help of masking tapes and your favorite glue. Their quality is apparently impressive, and they did hold the pieces of the art together. I love it!

    Alphonse Daigle

  10. Ok. I just read something that was made three years ago. My question ,,,,,how is your beautiful mirror holdin up. It looked absolutely beautiful on your wall. By the way ......you should have won...


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