July 2, 2012

Vintage 70's Bar Cart

Just finished working on this beauty. I like clean lines and color so this cart was super fun to do.
My sweet neighbor was having a yard sale and she let me peek before the sale. How cool is she??
Super Cool! Plus she makes the most amazing cookies and baked goods you will ever savor. I say savor because you don't just eat her cookies, you sayyyyyyyy-vor them.

So I scored this little cart from her lickety split and got to work on her pronto.
 Any wonder why my husband has taken to calling me Sanford? Keep looking all around the yard....

Ready for some happy color fun?
 It's like sunshine! That's the thing about color. If you are afraid of doing color on your walls, just add it using things like this. It makes your house more interesting and fun to move around in. And since my motto is ice is too short NOT to live in color, this yellow totally fits the bill.
I wanted to paint some cool graphic blue stripes on the shelves but then thought against it. Once you start adding your bar stuff or kitchen gadgets, it would just be covered up and look busy. So I thought simple was best.

Sorry, the vintage bar accouterments are not included. I got all of these at various yard sales/thrift stores etc. The little plate actually has 50's style salad recipes on it! How cool is that!

I think it's groovy.

Was I wrong to keep it simple? Or should I have added the stripes?

Always being renewed,


  1. Groovy indeed! Love the color you've chosen!

  2. Loving the color you choose for your cool piece. Putting color on small pieces is a great way to add to you life, I'm am not afraid of color, so love it. thanks for stopping by and letting me know you thought my two toned charmer buffet was phenomenal. Great compliment! Now following you on Facebook!

  3. Love this cart, Kim! The color is perfect. Megan

  4. What a cool cart! And I like simple. With stuff on it, which it will have (that's what carts are for!), simple is just right!


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