July 17, 2012

Miss Grumpy Pants is in the howze!!

Yes, that would be me! I am currently recovering from an awesome summer party for my sweet hubs 45 th birthday and woke up the next morning with a summer cold. Lovingly shared with me by my son.

He's sweet that way.

We are about to go on vacation to Oh! Canada this Friday and I still feel like, well, crap!  15 loads of laundry, food to buy and pack, lists to make and forget, I could go on but I might make myself cry in my heavily used handkerchief.

All this to say first, pray for us please as we travel and explore. That it will be a time for our family to reconnect, enjoy each other, and make new, hilarious memories.

Pray that no one else gets this cold because it is a doozy and I would really hate that snot is one of our main memories of this vacation.

I will not be posting  anything new next week cuz I have enough to to do and pack and frankly, it might put my husband over the edge if I ask to bring the reciprocating saw, just in case we find some junk in canada. I wonder what kind of junk they have? Do you think it is any better than the U S of A?

I think that was a Robitussin induced tangent so I am sorry aboot that. See I am clearly in need of a vacation!

I am going to post several of my older projects in case you are new to the blog or just need to be reminded that anything can be used to make anything else you want or imagine!

I'm off to take a nap but .....

Thank you all in advance for your prayers. Prayer is a powerful thing and therefore worth asking for. If you haven't tried it, try it. God has big ears and He never sleeps.

Always being renewed,


  1. We have some great junk in Canada - but not at the prices you guys seem to find them for, lol
    I think everything costs more here,
    Where are you visiting ( in our great white north)

  2. Hi Kim -
    See if you can find some zinc lozenges - Cold Eze or something - Zicam - they really help dry up the cold and shorten its duration! Add that to the prayer...
    Have fun!

  3. Hope you recover soon Kim! Take care and have a fabulous vacation in Canada!

  4. Summer colds suck so bad! I'm sending lots of good karma your way for a speedy recovery and a wonderful trip. (I do think Canadians have better junk than we do, so hide that saw in your suitcase under your underwear.)


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